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Exploring Racism in Overlooked Objects

Children’s toys: offensive or not? In a moderated discussion on Feb. 8, professor Robin Bernstein posited that racism often exists in unlikely objects and concepts of a culture. Raggedy Ann, a widely recognized stuffed doll of the American childhood experience, is one such unexpected preserve of racism.

Berklee Alive with the Power of P-Funk

The show succeeded through not only its expert musicianship and production design but also its faithfulness to the sound and energy of Clinton's genre-defining work.

"In Harvard, But Not Of It"

Though Du Bois was one of Harvard University’s most dedicated advocates and most esteemed graduates, Harvard never quite welcomed him into the fold.

‘Journey’ Creatively Revisits the Traditional

"A Journey to the West" combines Eastern and Western, old and new, and students and staff members for an original classical concert.

Showing Off

Originally, Sugarman and Rosenbaum imagined the Showcase as an event for singers, but they were then inspired to include artists from other disciplines. “Ideally we would love this to be something that all artists on campus would go to,” Rosenbaum says.