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How 'Bout Them Red Sox?

April 9 marked a big day for Boston sports. A hundred (and one) years ago, the Red Sox played their first-ever home game against none other than the Harvard Crimson. Ever since the Red Sox beat Harvard during Fenway's inaugural game, students have been trying to get their hands on Red Sox tickets. For baseball fans hoping to watch a home-run soar over the Green Monster this season, Flyby has you covered.

Taste Test: Pinkberry v. Berryline

Flyby conducted a blind taste test to see which frozen yogurt Harvard students liked better.

Love Letters of a Future First Lady

Love letters seem to be a thing of the past. But if you've always dreamed of possessing a few, especially from an iconic American figure, be sure to head to New York after finals with your checkbook in hand.

Cambridge Installs Bike Repair Stations

If you've always wanted to bike everywhere instead of relying on Harvard shuttles or worse, the MBTA, now is the time. The city of Cambridge recently installed three bike maintenance stands, which are available for use, free of charge.

Getting Carded for Art

Have some time on a lazy day and want to do an art project? Now's your chance to contribute to the arts at Harvard by participating in a new project called Lazy Day Pocket Cards.

Calling All Lovestruck Writers

If your pen is burning a hole in your pocket and love is burning a hole in your heart, now is your chance to write! The New York Times is now accepting entries for its second "Modern Love" college essay contest.

Jeremy Lin Appears on CNN's 'American Morning'

Harvard's Men's Basketball team made history earlier this month after winning its first Ivy League championship ever. The team had a chance to clinch a berth to the NCAA championship tournament last Saturday but lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Prineton Tigers. Now, the team is preparing to play in the National Invitational Tournament.