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Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council Pushes Harvard to Examine Student Voice on Campus

The College will convene a task force of students, staff, and faculty to examine the role of student input on Harvard policies, the Undergraduate Council announced in an email to the student body on Thursday.

Mayors on the Front Line

Occupy Protesters Interrupt Forum

Occupy Harvard protesters interrupted a mayoral panel at the Institute of Politics on Wednesday evening, protesting perceived injustices at the Occupy Philadelphia camp.


Website To Revolutionize Teaching

Coursekit, launched on Tuesday as a free download, is an online course management website that aims to combine the functions of a course site with the interaction of a social networking site.

Harvard Kennedy School

Professors Analyze Former Leader of China Deng Xiaoping's Reforms

Three Harvard professors gathered to discuss the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, leader of China from 1978 to 1992, and their significance in shaping China’s past and future at a forum at the Institute of Politics on Monday night.


Andrew Sullivan Lectures at IOP

Andrew Sullivan, a political commentator and blogger for The Daily Beast, discussed what he sees as the perversion of conservatism in mainstream politics in a lecture at the Institute of Politics on Thursday.

Undergraduate Council

For ‘Real Action’

The Undergraduate Council presidential campaign of Crystal D. Trejo ’13 and running mate David H.A. LeBoeuf ’13 came together much like many students’ problem sets—at 3 a.m. the morning their paperwork was due.


Panelists Predict Third Party in 2012 Presidential Election

A third party candidate might have a much better shot at winning the 2012 presidential election than most citizens believe.

pencils for kids

Pencils for Kids Founder Inspires Premeds

One box of pencils eventually led to a van full of boxes, and soon the mayor of Libore, Niger invited her to visit and witness the box opening.