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OCS Hosts Government Career Fair

Students gathered in the Graduate School of Education’s Gutman Conference Center on Friday for a fair on careers in federal, state, and local government—an event which would have been scaled down had the government shutdown not ended Thursday.

Internship Program Celebrates 20 Years

Students, faculty, alumni, and donors gathered in the Faculty Room of University Hall on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Weissman International Internship Program.

Professors Extend Academia Into the Twittersphere

Now, as more and more professors sign up for Twitter handles, the exchange of academic information has accelerated to match the rapid-fire pace of online social media.

Psychologists Talk About Minds and Research

More than a hundred students and community members packed Geological Lecture Hall Tuesday evening to listen to a conversation between psychology professors Steven Pinker and Howard E. Gardner ’65.

Students Celebrate African Culture with "Africa Night"

Students sampled ethnic cuisine, attended cultural exhibitions, and competed to be named the first ever “Face of Africa” during “Africa Night,” an annual celebration of African culture hosted by the Harvard African Students Association Sunday.

Clover Brings the Farm to You

Perhaps you grew up in a more rustic locale, where the approach of summer meant prospects of fresh juicy berries and vine-ripe tomatoes. Perhaps that just sounds deliciously un-HUDS-like. If you'll be around Harvard this summer, you may be in luck. This year, Clover Food Lab is bringing produce from local farms to city dwellers through its Community-Sourced Agriculture program, which allows consumers to buy a share in one of the small farms and then receive a portion of the farm's crops every week during harvest season.

Education Reformer Talks Charter Schools

Students gathered in Sever Hall Monday night to hear education reformer Mike Feinberg discuss how he came to start the nation-wide network of charter schools known as the Knowledge is Power Program.

Yoga Spreads Through Harvard Houses, Gyms

With all but one upperclassmen House offering free yoga sessions this semester, students have latched on to the opportunity to stretch and rejuvenate in a relaxing environment as a complement to their hectic lifestyles.

Students Speak about Big Ideas, Issues, and Interests

Students gathered for Harvard Speaks’ first event of the semester on Tuesday night, where undergraduates delivered presentations on topics ranging from disaster in Madagascar to a time management iPhone app.