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‘E X I S T’ Is a Challenge, Even to Review

Theater probably isn’t the right word. Performance art might be closer. Something contrived or constructed is performed, at any rate. Whatever it is, it can’t really be reviewed, or at least not by me.

'Hail, Caesar!' Funny and Profound

What makes “Hail, Caesar!” more than a well-made tribute, however, is the underlying coherence of concept explored in the story: the obsession with the perfection of human circumstances.

From the Vaults: 'Wings of Desire'

Jude D. Russo has an existential meltdown over "Wings of Desire," Wim Wenders's masterwork.

From the Vaults: 'Fallen Angels'

In our occasional series of film retrospectives, Jude D. Russo looks at Wong Kar-Wai's 1995 "Fallen Angels."

From the Vaults: 'All That Jazz'

Jude D. Russo has a sentimental paroxysm over Bob Fosse's self-condemnation "All That Jazz." Watch the written expression of that paroxysm.

Salman Rushdie Talks Fiction and Reality

"Of course naturalism is one very important way to tell the truth, but it is only one way,” Rushdie says. “I guess I’m just encouraging people to be a little more radical in the way they read.”

‘Honeymoon’ A Creative Leap for Lana

In “Honeymoon,” the candy layer that coated “Born to Die” and was already thinning on “Ultraviolence” has ceded completely to something sadder, something darker, something more bitter—and something more coherent and compelling.