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The Beatles and Music in the Square: When I’m '64

Students crowded around televisions, and some even turned down dates, to catch a glimpse of a British quartet’s first performance on American television on February 9, 1964


Dr. Andrew T. Weil ‘63-’64, Pioneer of Integrative Medicine

Weil’s successful career in promoting integrative medicine, a field he helped found, would come later. At the College, Weil enjoyed the camaraderie, creativity, and hijinks of extracurricular activity.

Sexual Assault Meeting

Graduate Students Form Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Members of a recently formed coalition to address sexual assault at Harvard gathered Tuesday evening to craft their group’s name, mission statement, and plan of action.

Janelle Monáe Receives Award
Gender and Sexuality

Janelle Monáe Honored as Artist and Advocate

The Harvard College Women's Center and the Black Men's Forum recognized the Yardfest headliner in separate ceremonies on Monday.

When Women Lead

In Panel Hosted by Faust, Female Leaders Reflect On Experiences, Evolving Role of Working Women

Harvard community members packed into Sanders Theatre Monday afternoon to listen to four female leaders from various fields as they shared their experiences working in positions of authority and reflected on the changing role of women in the workplace.

Student Groups

Artist Janelle Monáe To Be Recognized by Campus Groups

American R&B and soul artist Janelle Monáe will be recognized by two campus organizations for her professional achievements and positive contributions to ongoing conversations on gender and race.

The Radcliffe Statues Project

Human Statues Encourage Gender Inclusivity

The Radcliffe Statues Project, part of Women's Week 2013, displayed facts and questions about gender-related issues at Harvard. Organizers said they hoped this would be a playful way to discuss gender on campus.

Student Groups

Queer Advisory Council Funds New Projects

As part of a new initiative to provide funding directly for BGLTQ-related events on campus, the Queer Advisory Council made public on Feb. 28 the list of 12 campus activities that will be receiving grants this spring cycle.

Q&A With Laverne Cox

Actress Laverne Cox Discusses Identity, Trans Issues

The “Orange is the New Black” actress, who is the first openly transgender female to ever have a recurring role on television, spoke about her personal experiences and about larger topics within the trans community at a well-attended event on Monday.

Hello Ladies
On Campus

Donning Hats, Capes, and Little Else, Harvard Students Celebrate Primal Scream

At the stroke of midnight, the ordinarily humorless air of Harvard Yard during reading period gave way to the exhilaration of Primal Scream as clothes flew off, towels were flung, and boxers dropped to the ground.

1964 Reunion Issue Cover Color
On Campus

50 Years Ago, Cambridge Mourned a 'Son of Harvard'

The news of the President’s death was a crushing blow to a campus that felt a unique kinship with the young leader.

Student Groups

Students Discuss Women in Technology Industry

A group of Harvard College women gathered Wednesday night for a roundtable discussion about women’s futures in technology. The meeting, led by four women with successful careers in the field, was organized by the Harvard College Women’s Center.

Harvard Law School

Peter Singer Advocates for Animal Rights

Moral philosopher and Princeton professor Peter Singer described what he called a “momentous revolution in thinking” regarding animal welfare during a talk in the Ames Courtroom at the Harvard Law School on Friday.


Physics Professors Win Prestigious Award

Physics professors Andrew E. Strominger ’77 and Cumrun Vafa were awarded the Milner Foundation’s Fundamental Physics Prize earlier this week.

Picking the Councillors
Cambridge City Council

Cambridge Picks Nine City Councillors

The Cambridge City Council will see some fresh faces next year, as voters selected four newcomers to the city’s governing body, knocking one-term councillor Minka Y. vanBeuzekom and 23-year veteran Kenneth E. Reeves ’72 off the Council, according to preliminary election results released Tuesday night.