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Freshman Advising: Under Construction

Stories from students reveal that, despite ramped up efforts and investment from many places within the University, some problems with the advising system persist. Many advisers are able to give the time and attention to students necessary, but others are too busy with their full-time jobs; either way, advisers face challenges guiding students through a vast curriculum on which no one has complete expertise.

Section Leader Sass

While our TFs always try to be helpful, sometimes their generous advice comes in the form of pure brutality. Every now and then, we get a paper back and the unforgiving red ink is more honest than we needed it to be. Because it happens way too often, FM takes another look at some of our TFs’ greatest hits in the genre of mean comments.

Their Fair City: “Car Talk” and Cambridge

Looking back at Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s “Car Talk” and its Harvard Square home.

Thanksgiving Mad-Lib

Hey __________ (kid who lives in New York / “friend” from my Gov section / my Ec TF), you know we’ve _________ (been friends / hated each other / had a non-exclusive, consistent “thing”) for a while now and my family __________ (lives too far away / hates me / is vegetarian), so I don’t have a place to __________ (crash / eat / procreate) over Thanksgiving Break.

Concentrations That Could Use More Media

Last week, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences announced that is likely to create a new undergraduate concentration in Theater, Dance, and Media. We weren’t sure exactly how “media” fit into all of this. But we thought it was a good idea. So good, in fact, that we thought that some other concentrations that could also benefit from a little dose of media.

School, Interrupted

Over time, I found that interrupting the routine is one of the most important things to do.

B.F. Skinner at Harvard

Long before there were grab and go lunches and weekly pub trivia nights, slot machines and pianos filled the basement of Memorial Hall. The lucky gamblers and musicians were not students or faculty, but pigeons.

In Cities, Do the Right Thing

Gentrification is a subtle phenomenon that will continue to creep from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Dialogue Over Divestment

Opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not binary; those on either side of the debate hold a wide range of beliefs.

Dead Wrong

Life is surely something greater than a man-made system that seeks criminal justice.