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The Lines Worth Waiting In

​Besides an influx of inclusivity, gender equality, and margarita orders at Felipe’s, the (almost/not quite/nobody really knows) moratorium on final club parties has come alongside a pretty tragic casualty.

Khuranastagram, as FM Imagines

Harvard students know that Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana sports one of the most popular (and most loveable) Instagram accounts on campus. But not every spontaneously snapped selfie can make the cut for his feed. FM imagines (and poorly Photoshops) the photos that didn’t even make it to the filter phase.

Love It: Scooters

“Please walk your bikes.” Those four words greet many would-be-cyclists who attempt to ride through Harvard Yard. Except for the bicyclists who consider following this rule to be simply inconceivable, there is just one choice for legal wheels in Harvard Yard: the Razor scooter.

Rejected Summer Funding Proposals

Here are a few summer proposals we’re almost positive that the OCS has received, and no doubt rejected, in the past.

J-Term Journal: A College Classic

What did I do when my hometown got hit with its coldest week in 23 years? I put on a long-sleeve T-shirt. Like any good Angelino, when the temperature dropped to 40, I headed to the airport. It wasn’t an instinctive reaction or an impulsive decision—although that would make for a better story—but after a great deal of planning, 12 hours of travel, and several bad airplane sandwiches, I landed in St. Maarten.

Teen Mag Quiz: Where Should You Go For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you’re an international student who’s baffled as to why we eat turkey in remembrance of genocide, an American undergrad dreading going home out of fear of seeing your parents, or somewhere in between, FM’s got you covered. You’re only five questions away from a definitive answer as to what you should do for Thanksgiving, so what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Thanksgiving Mad-Lib

Hey __________ (kid who lives in New York / “friend” from my Gov section / my Ec TF), you know we’ve _________ (been friends / hated each other / had a non-exclusive, consistent “thing”) for a while now and my family __________ (lives too far away / hates me / is vegetarian), so I don’t have a place to __________ (crash / eat / procreate) over Thanksgiving Break.