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Emma V.R. Noyes

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Khuranastagram, as FM Imagines

Harvard students know that Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana sports one of the most popular (and most loveable) Instagram accounts on campus. But not every spontaneously snapped selfie can make the cut for his feed. FM imagines (and poorly Photoshops) the photos that didn’t even make it to the filter phase.

Professor Profile: Ned Hall

When I meet Philosophy Professor Edward J. Hall in his charming office, he is shoeless, sitting in an armchair and chatting with one of his former students. When she leaves, he gives her a bear hug as though they are old friends. The only facts I know about Hall are that he teaches metaphysics and epistemol-ogy, and that he’s famous for bringing cookies to class.

FM's Quest for Boston's Best Donut

Harvard students collectively mourned the move of the Dunkin’ Donuts at Bow Street and Mass Ave. But never fear: This is an opportunity to step out of our corporate comfort zone and into the world of real, bakery-fresh, down-home lovin’ donuts. I spent a week searching all ends of the globe—or rather, from Belmont to South Boston—to create a comprehensive list of the best spots to pig out on fried dough.

Santouka Ramen

From 67-cent Top Ramen at CVS to Instagram-worthy burgers with ramen patties instead of buns, a tasty Japanese staple has come a long way in America. As one might expect, the rise of ramen has created a demand for traditional shops that serve the real thing—no styrofoam packaging necessary. This phenomenon recently arrived in Harvard Square in the form of Santouka, a bona fide restaurant serving ramen and only ramen.