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Study Abroad Panel

Administrators Support Women, BGLTQ Students Abroad

College administrators have made an ongoing effort to provide more support to help students studying abroad know what to expect regarding cultural norms and gender identity in the countries they are visiting.

Indian Classical Showcase
Photos of the Day

Photos of the Day 5.3.16

Study Abroad Panel
Study Abroad

Study Abroad Panel

Panelists discuss study abroad with moderator Brianna J. Suslovic ’16 at an “Out Abroad” event, designed to help BGLTQ students anticipate potential obstacles in other countries.


Office Uses Coffee Chats to Encourage Study Abroad

Since the beginning of the semester, the Office of International Education has used a new coffee chat program to reach out to students in Harvard’s 12 undergraduate Houses in the hopes of attracting more students to study abroad programs.

Talking To Elliott
Central Administration

Talking To Elliott

Vice Provost for International Affairs Mark C. Elliott displays a speech he wrote in Portuguese for his recent trip to Brazil and Peru.

Gore Speaks
Photos of the Day

Photos of the Day 04.07.16

Talking To Elliott
Harvard in the World

International Affairs Provost and Scholar of China Visits Latin America

​Mark C. Elliott, Harvard’s new Vice Provost for International Affairs, is well known across the University for his scholarship in Chinese history. However, during his first few months in the role, Elliott has spent much time studying Latin America in order to prepare for his visit to Brazil and Peru this past week.

School of Public Health
School of Public Health

School of Public Health Opens Research Center In Mumbai

Harvard’s School of Public Health recently opened a global health research center in Mumbai in a move that strengthens the University’s existing presence in the region.


Woman Sexually Assaulted Near Weld Boat House

Massachusetts State Police are currently investigating the crime that officials say occurred at about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Anna E. Cabral

Right on the Money: A U.S. Treasurer and Public Servant

Ultimately for Cabral, public service was her way of answering a question she posed to herself: “How do I give back for these great gifts that I’ve gotten?”

Martha McSally
Harvard Kennedy School

From Fighter Pilot Squadron Leader to Congresswoman

McSally demonstrated her perseverance not only in her efforts to keep her dreams of flying fighter jets alive, but also in athletic successes that made an impression on those who knew her at Harvard.

Robert Kraft

Robert K. Kraft HBS '65: Business Leader and Family Man

Kraft’s love for his family and passion for philanthropy have allowed him to live up to his father’s ethical will through prioritizing the needs of others, be it his sons or students at the Business School.

Mob Malaria

Students Against Malaria Strive To Spread Awareness

Although the group must attract the attention and engage the efforts of an often pre-occupied and not always informed student body, members remain unfazed in accomplishing their mission of increasing student awareness of malaria.

John Harvard Projection

Student Voices Bring John Harvard Statue to Life

An art installation featuring student faces projected onto the John Harvard Statue and an accompanying audio track of their voices debuted on Tuesday night.


Harvard Faculty Weigh In on Emerging Presidential Candidates

Although the 2016 presidential election is more than a year away, several faculty members stressed that the early stages of a presidential election can serve as a critical time for candidates looking to secure their party’s respective nomination.