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Josiah B. Corbus

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Cry Me a (Charles) River

Not many people study crying. But we do. It’s not weird. For our research, we ventured into the field to observe criers in their natural habitats. What follows are our findings on where people cry and why. We also give some advice for those not yet experienced in the art of Harvard crying.

Theses That Foreshadowed Influence

“Who here wrote a thesis?” Conan C. O'Brien ’85 asked the Class of 2000 during his Class Day address. “A lot of hard work, a lot of your blood went into that thesis,” he said. “And no one is ever going to care.”

Scene and Heard: North Korean Defectors

Korean and English syllables mingled in the air, bearing solemn memories of hardship at times and signalling hope for change at others. The overall mood in Ticknor Lounge was light and conversational, but the evening’s subject was serious: life in, and escape from, North Korea.The event, “North Korea Information Highway: Driving Change in North Korea,” featured three defectors from North Korea.