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Harvard Square at night

Hey Professor: What Was Your Harvard Nightlife Like?

Ever wonder what your professors were like during their college years? What about the former Harvard undergrads? Were they Saturday night party-goers or Lamonsters? Bar-hopping or Widener stack-shopping? FM inquired into the social lives of a few professors during their years as Harvard undergrads.


Harvard’s Burgeoning Game Development Culture

The Harvard College Video Game Development Club meets every Saturday evening in the Science Center basement.

Maura Healey

15 Minutes with Maura Healey

After speaking in the Kirkland House Senior Common room, Attorney General Healey sat down with FM to chat about her first year in office. ​

Modern Love Uncharted Territory

Modern Love: Uncharted Territory

We were lying in my bed and I began to feel an urge to run away.

Hey Professor: Kimberley Patton

Hey Professor: Kimberly C. Patton

Professor of the Comparative and Historical Study of Religion Kimberley C. Patton ’80, who teaches the course “Dreams and Dreaming” at Harvard Divinity School, answered a few questions about the role dreams played in earlier, more religious cultures.


Ghosts of the Peabody: The Fort Marion Life Casts

“What are people going to come away with when they look at this kind of collection?” Dr. Diana D. Loren asks.

Tea Party
Food and Drink

A Readable Feast

The Harvard English Department shares their favorite succulent meals in literature.


A Eulogy to Ventfull

Ventfull, a smartphone app designed to cure FOMO at Harvard through an interactive, easily scrollable calendar of events, was discontinued by the Undergraduate Council in early February. Somewhere, a baby cried. I joined the baby.

Liquiteria in the Making


​I walk up to Liquiteria, intrigued, practically purring with intrigue. I think I might catch three stray cats so we can all literally purr with intrigue.

Year in Review

Theater, Dance, and Media

It’s official: The Faculty of Arts and Sciences recently approved the creation of a concentration in Theater, Dance, and Media.

Sustainability Fair
Harvard in the City

Harvard Celebrates Sustainability with Earth Day Fair

Vendors from in and around Cambridge, including the Little Free Library and Book Exchange, Hubway, and Next Step Living, set up shop on the Science Center Plaza on Wednesday afternoon to promote sustainable living.


Yardfest vs. Yardsale

Yardfest vs. Yardsale

A Little Levity

Cry Me a (Charles) River

Not many people study crying. But we do. It’s not weird. For our research, we ventured into the field to observe criers in their natural habitats. What follows are our findings on where people cry and why. We also give some advice for those not yet experienced in the art of Harvard crying.