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Coordinates: Radcliffe Yard

​Early Wednesday afternoon, I trudged wearily from Sever Hall to Radcliffe Yard. I did not make this journey voluntarily—if it were up to me, I’d spend my afternoon napping. But FM sent me out to investigate this mysterious site, and I took up the gauntlet.

What Concentration to Declare, Based on Free Trips

FM has news for you: Your field-tripping days have only just begun. As long as you take the right classes and/or choose the right concentrations, you can travel the globe on Harvard’s dime. FM is prepared to share the inside scoop and make your wildest dreams of adventure possible. There’s no time to waste—concentration deadlines are right around the corner. So get those study cards signed, and then get packing! ​

Dorm Crew Dairies: Weird Stuff in Rooms

Harvard Dorm Crew is a division of Facilities Maintenance Operations and employs scores of students to perform custodial jobs for on-campus housing. The students running this massive operation are no strangers to surprise. The cleaning teams have tackled everything from giant messes to bizarre left-behind possessions. After the mass exodus of students at the start of summer, dorm crew employees remain at Harvard to clean out the newly vacated rooms. It’s a chance to see the school in a whole new light, and catch glimpses of student lives from Mather to the Quad. It’s also a chance to find some crazy stuff.

Spotted: the Young and the Famous

There have been some pretty major sightings at Harvard this year.

Teen Mag Quiz: Where is Your Missing Coat?

We’ve all seen that desperate Facebook post. You know, the one that reads something like this: “I lost my black Canada Goose jacket, size medium, this weekend! FM has developed a tried-and-true method for locating said article of clothing.

Body By ROTC

We’ll be the first to admit it: we aren’t the most muscular writers on FM. We don’t have the prodigious heft of Nathan and Ben, for instance. But, feeling fed up with the biting jabs about our scrawniness at writers’ meetings, we recently sought the help and advice of one of the fittest people on campus: Carolyn F. Pushaw ’16, a Marine-option ROTC midshipmen.