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The Ethics of ‘Selling Out’

By reducing the dizzying variety of post-graduation pursuits to “selling out” versus “not selling out," we obscure the real ethical distinctions.


Leftward Ho, Libertarians!

As a Democrat-voting libertarian — a label I accept hesitatingly, given its baggage — I’ve watched DSA’s ascendance ambivalently.


What Is the Value of a Harvard Degree?

Rather than elevating our tastes and abilities, Harvard has merely reshuffled the deck of future employees—with its graduates closer to the top.


Should We Send Trump to the Hague?

Trump could only feel comfortable instituting the family separation policy because of the history of American political leaders avoiding accountability for the consequences of their policies.

Modern Vampires of the City album cover

Looking Back on ‘Modern Vampires of the City,' a Good-Faith Album for the Faithless

Five years ago on May 14, Vampire Weekend released “Modern Vampires of the City.” It was their third album—and they finally didn’t sound like they were doing a bit.

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae

‘Dirty Computer’ a Futurist Pop Masterpiece

As Monáe weaves together anthemic alt-R&B, acerbic hip hop, and dreamy pop-prog (she even starts the album with a Brian Wilson feature), the common thread is her visionary futurism.

Aja album cover

Inauthenticity and the Art of Subversion: The Aja Experience

“Aja,” proves that sometimes, rejecting authenticity is the coolest thing to do.

Fleetwood Mac, "Rumours," Warner Bros, 1977.

'Rumours': The Greatest Breakup(s) Album

The band channeled their personal pain into making some of the best, and most devastating music of their career. “Rumours” rightfully came to be considered an iconic breakup(s) album.

Marquee Moon

‘Marquee Moon’'s Glimmer of Inimitable Subversion

Rebelling against punk’s own revolution of wild simplicity, Television harnesses that simplicity to make long, technical, and controlled music.

"Modern Vampires in the City" by Vampire Weekend

Top Five Songs on My Valentine's Day Playlist

In order to help us all find some love (or at least some sincere emotion) this holiday, I hereby present the five most appropriate—though not necessarily best—songs on my killer Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist

Back album cover of "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

'Darkness on the Edge of Town': The Sound of Authenticity

Today, Springsteen codes for many things: masculinity, classic rock, and working class American life, all of which are rooted in “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

Trevor J. Levin

Arts Vanity: Top 5 Crimson Anthems

No matter how many times a Crimson exec might tell himself he’s “Never Going Back Again,” this publication will somehow bring him back indeed to the newsroom. He will never break “The Chain.”


Summer Music Breakdown

Crimson Arts breaks down summer's standout singles and albums.

Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album cover.

'Buckingham/McVie' Reunion Offers Familiar Delights

Any Fleetwood Mac fan would do well to give it a listen.

Album art for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles

Fifty Years in the Life of ‘Sgt. Pepper,’ an Album for All Time

“I went into a dream” indeed: “Pepper” argues and proves that dreams and the imagination—and, ultimately, music and art itself—are that missing link between our inescapable everyday lives and the divine.