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'What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky' Balances the Weight of the World and the Lightness of Being

​In the last story of her debut collection “What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky,” Lesley Nneke Arimah writes: “Girls with fire in their bellies will be forced to drink from a well of correction till the flames die out.” Arimah’s stories are full of such girls at every stage of life, who possess every type of fire.

Salman Rushdie Presents 13th Novel, ‘The Golden House’

The conversation with world-renowned author Salman Rushdie opened by addressing the “elephant in the room”: similarities between the protagonist of Rushdie’s new novel “The Golden House” and President Donald Trump.

Springtime’s For Us

Everything comes unbolted—daily rhythms, the intent dash from heated building to heated building; relationships anchored in the needs of the semesters; perceptions of the place around us, filtered through exhaustion or habit. Warm weather makes the campus new, strange, and more ours.

Night Run

What is our obligation to not even set out to fix the wrongs of the world, but to actively seek knowledge of them in the first place? It’s not even a question of whether I’m doing enough—first, am I thinking enough?

Space Cadets

The Information Age demands data, but maybe the best information I can offer is experiential: There’s a small but tremendously positive difference to actually see sunlight first thing in the morning instead of a soulless, white, pixelated glare and in hearing snippets of bizarre, poignant, infuriating, and enlightening dialogue in passing.

Hopper Square

To be lonely is to occupy the most intimate space in the human experience, even as you feel shut out from it.

Taming of the Dimetrodon

Unlike the Dimetrodon, however, we have hope. We can learn, innovate and, most importantly, cooperate.

Watch the Throne

But there’s no “should”—maybe only a hope that we can remove “should” from learning and knowledge more often and allow it a sense of luxury again.