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Wyatt M. Robertson

“I met a group of friends from around Boston, teenagers who had been to this building before and we’re all into photography.” Robertson pauses to slide the coat hanger along the crack of the door to his right with an expression of intense concentration.

Timothy P. McCarthy

"I march and I rally, but I also teach and write," Timothy P. McCarthy says. "I do a lot of things that are in service to a larger resistance. I’m never particularly willing to accept the status quo. I’ve always been a rebel, a protestor, a rabble rouser."

On the Streets With HSHS Street Team

On a typical Saturday night, Lozano would make a beeline past the final clubs to enter the shelter. There, he would make sandwiches and fill a backpack with bottles of water and V8, hats and gloves.

FM Imagines: Alternate Expressions Dances

Last weekend, Expressions, Harvard’s student-run hip-hop dance group, presented their semesterly show “EXtra.” FM has obtained a list of rejected alternate titles. Read on to see what might have been.​

Norse Code

It was Harvard professor Eben Norton Horsford who commissioned all 40 feet of the tower to be built and wrote the immense plaque commemorating the Viking fort of Norumbega.