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Behind @PoeticPoison

Caroline R. Kaufman’s ’21 Instagram account @PoeticPoison now has more than 200,000 followers, but it started as a secret.

Professor James H. Waldo

Hey Professor: Jim H. Waldo

FM sat down with Computer Science Professor James “Jim” H. Waldo to discuss privacy and technology in society today.

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Books, Brownies, and ‘Game Changers’

This is the library’s annual Wikipedia “Edit-a-thon,” in which participants gather to write new Wikipedia entries and update and expand already existing articles.

Community Cafe

‘On Whose Shoulders They Stand’: BGLTQ Older Adults in Cambridge

“Massachusetts does a great job of taking care of older adults, but LGBT folks were nowhere on the radar. We kept thinking: How can we begin to build some bridges to engage them?”

GOP Candidates

Teen Mag Quiz: Which Forgotten Republican Nominee Are You?

With election day rapidly approaching, FM has decided to take a look back at the original Republican presidential candidates. Which one are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Pain is weakness leaving your body
Recreational Athletics

Out to Exercise with Brandon Tilley

​Face-down in the rain with my elbows in the mud of Eliot House Courtyard was not how I thought I’d be starting my Saturday morning, but here I am.