Recreational Athletics

Anthropometric Chart
Hemenway Gym

Anthropometric Chart

FM dives into the archives to learn about Hemenway Gymnasium director Dudley Allen Sargent, who took detailed measurements and nude photos of Harvard students from the 1880s to the 1910s.

Climbing Wall Moved to the Quad
Student Life

Expanded Climbing Wall Reopens at QRAC

Although the new wall is located near the Quad and away from the center of campus, students say attendance numbers in the gym have increased since its relocation.

Drew Bikes
Student Life

Yeah, I Ride My Bike Through Harvard Yard

The air feels so much more viscous at that velocity, and you bet your ass I don’t wear a helmet.

Student Life

Harvard Recreation Brings Camelbaks Back To Campus

Months after Harvard’s Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors discontinued regular giveaways of popular Camelbak water bottles, another campus group is bringing them back.

The Clubhouse of the Fly
On Campus

Photos of the Weekend 3.26.2017

November Project
Recreational Athletics

Climbing to New Heights

The November Project is a fitness movement that organizes early morning workouts each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday year-round

Pain is weakness leaving your body
Recreational Athletics

Out to Exercise with Brandon Tilley

​Face-down in the rain with my elbows in the mud of Eliot House Courtyard was not how I thought I’d be starting my Saturday morning, but here I am.


Not for the Faint Hearted

At first, only two men in their late twenties chat softly in the park, nursing beers as they stand by the hammocks. Slowly, more begin to arrive, bringing lime-flavored sports drinks, roommates, girlfriends, hard liquor shots, and bikes.

Recreational Athletics

Bigger, Better, Boulder

Pate has been climbing since the age of eight.

Veteran’s Day Stadium Run
Recreational Athletics

Veteran’s Day Stadium Run

Veterans, students in ROTC, and supportive community members begin running up the steps of Harvard Stadium. They gathered on Veteran’s Day to support past and present veterans and raise money for the Warrior Scholar Project.

Student Life

CrossFit Event Evokes Comparisons to Religion

Implicit comparisons to religion continued to pervade the discussion, as CrossFit's co-founder emphasized the mental strength and resilience he said membership can build.


Harvard Stadium Plays Host to Weekly Stair Runs

Boston-area residents participate in weekly stair runs at the Harvard Stadium, enjoying a sense of community.

The Old Jordan Field
Men's Lacrosse

Soldiers Field Renamed Jordan Field

Soldiers Field, which served as the home of the men’s and women’s varsity lacrosse and soccer teams for five years, is now called Jordan Field.

Boston Olympics 2024
Harvard in the City

Boston's Olympic Bid

Harvard could factor into Boston’s plans for the 2024 Games, but its tumultuous history in Allston has some residents worried.

Snow covered Harvard

Harvard Runners Battle Winter Weather

Due to winter weather and icy paths, Harvard long distance runners have had to adjust training regimens and routes.