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Professor James H. Waldo

Hey Professor: Jim H. Waldo

FM sat down with Computer Science Professor James “Jim” H. Waldo to discuss privacy and technology in society today.

ice cream
Food and Drink

Honeycomb Creamery

You would be hard-pressed to find flavors like bourbon pecan pie or goat cheese with smoked orange marmalade at most ice cream parlors. But at a not-so-typical shop on Mass. Ave., creativity is on the menu.

Ian McEwan

15Q with Ian McEwan

"I think my fetus would be alarmed at the prospect of a Trump presidency."

Harvard Stadium

A Changing Game: A Look at the Ivy League's Ban on Tackling

Most players believe that football should make a space for both safety and zeal.

Cooking Class
Food and Drink

Learning to Speak Fish

This weekly cooking class, coordinated by Allyson R. Perez ’17, is one of many initiatives organized by the Food Literacy Project, a fellowship program that allows students to explore the food system through academics and experience.

Computer Science

Fake Harvard Apps

FM is hard at work thinking up some new apps that would help us with the real Harvard struggles.

lamont cafe boardplus swipe
Flyby Blog

lamont cafe boardplus swipe

Lamont Cafe barista Mike A. Skerett '18 swipes $2 off of a poor freshman's BoardPlus.

lamont cafe boardplus swipe
Flyby Quote

Freshmen on Their Last BoardPlus Swipe

When you've reached the end of your "free" money from Harvard, what do you do?


Madlib: How to Decline a Letter of Recommendation

I hope you _____ [are doing well/know I don’t really care about how you’re doing]. I have received your request asking for a letter of recommendation for _____ [medical school/Goldman Sachs/moving back in with your parents]


HUDS Comment Cards

We complain to anyone that will listen—our lab partners, our roommates, the random man you pass on the way back from lunch—but some students overcome their laziness and actually fill out HUDS comment cards with requests.


15 Minutes with Michael Pollan

​Michael Pollan, the acclaimed food journalist, is a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute exploring psychedelic drug therapy. Pollan talked with FM about healthy eating hacks in college and his self-proclaimed “spiritual retardation.”


Jukebox: Professors

FM gets the lowdown on what a few professors are singing in the shower these days.