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From Boston Calling 2018: Eminem Thrills, Bloats with Excess

With the exception of a few songs like “Stan” and “Lose Yourself,” the music was hardly the most memorable part of the evening—so much else was happening onstage, namely a mass of inessential elements that unnecessarily distracted from the show.

From Boston Calling 2018: Fleet Foxes in Bucolic Harmony

As the light faded and the rain came down on the crowd at Boston Calling’s Delta Blue Stage, Fleet Foxes brought a bit of natural beauty to Allston.

From Boston Calling 2018: The Killers Wed Spectacle and Nostalgia

As frontman and vocalist Brandon Flowers repeated throughout their set, The Killers came to Boston Calling “by way of glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada,” and much of the glitz and showmanship that makes that city special came with them.