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Buyer's Remorse in "Spent"

Considering the film’s potential to be an enjoyable sleeper hit based on its premise’s solid foundation, it's amazing how all that potential effortlessly goes to waste.


‘columbinus’ Addresses an American Tragedy

With gun violence as pressing an issue as ever in the United States, Producer David J. Lynch ’20 says, “Harvard’s theater community has acknowledged that ‘columbinus’ is one of the hardest shows to ever come here.”

in passage show

‘In Passage’: Migration in Motion

“In Passage” is a successful collaborative effort that expertly weaves student choreography and a unique sound, holding the full attention of the audience until the curtain has dropped.


1922: The Feel Bad Movie of the Season

Not the best thing to stream on date night, “1922” begins with our narrator confessing to the murder of his wife.


‘Thor: Ragnarok’ A Fun New Direction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The critical and financial success of “Thor: Ragnarok”, which is 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and has garnered $121 million domestically in its opening weekend, proves that a new studio philosophy of greater directorial liberty and creative control will please critics and regular moviegoers alike.


Aquilo Brings ‘Silhouettes’ to the Sinclair

Pianist and vocalist Ben Fletcher was giddy with emotion, exclaiming how excited they were to start their North American journey in Cambridge.

Mad Cartoonists exhibit

‘The Mad Cartoonists of Cairo’ Reflect a Changing Middle East

Just days after the Egyptian prosecutor general died in a car bomb assassination, a cartoonist drew a citizen nagging a cloaked assassin to at least pay for his parking before he blew the car up.