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Barker Center

Reading List of Flagship Humanities Course Evolves

In extending the length of the class, the professors added a wider selection of books to the syllabus, which they tweak slightly each year.

Kazuo Ishiguro

Professor Studies Book Exteriors

​While most English professors are largely concerned with what’s inside a book, David J. Alworth studies a text’s exterior.

New Dean of Arts and Humanities at Barker Center
Student Life

Harvard Deans Launch ‘Transcript Project'

Khurana and Kelsey announced the creation of the Transcript Project, a creative competition for students to reflect on their course choices and academic trajectory.


Harvard Offers Gullah for Second Semester

​Gullah, a largely oral, African-American creole first taught at Harvard in the fall, is now being offered for a second semester.

July 2009

Professors Gates and Tatar Win NAACP Image Award

The Image awards, presented each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, acknowledge “outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts."

Daniel Gilbert
Student Life

For Some Students, Exam Prep to Consume Thanksgiving Break

While many students will enjoy the three-day break for the Thanksgiving holiday, others will be busy studying for final exams in the last two weeks before the end of the term.

Parth & Conor
Undergraduate Council

Conor Healy ’19 and Parth C. Thakker ’19

Running under the banner “Fix Harvard,” the two point to Healy’s outsider status and the radical nature of their proposals as an advantage.

Quinton Zondervan

Quinton Zondervan

Having worked on the Net Zero Action Plan and witnessed the 2015 Paris Agreement, Zondervan said he is passionate about sustainability and climate change issues.


China Experts Analyze 19th Party Congress

Chinese President Xi Jingping may continue to centralize his power even as the country’s ideological balance remains constant, experts predicted at the event.

Gannett House
Harvard Law School

With New Blog, Law Review Makes Case For Online Content

The Harvard Law Review launched a new online blog aimed at providing more accessible, timely content alongside their usual long-form fare.

Harvard School of Public Health

School of Public Health Researchers Find Many Unreported Police Killings

The study found that only 44.9 percent of police-related deaths were documented as such in a database managed by the federal government.

Houghton Library

Houghton Library Exhibit Celebrates New Music Curriculum

Harvard’s Music department now features a brand new set of requirements, meant to encourage undergraduate concentrators to “broaden their horizons” in the field.