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Cambridge Galeria
Food and Drink

Veggie Grill Sprouts in Harvard Square

Launched in 2006, Veggie Grill currently has 34 restaurants operating along the West Coast and is seeking to expand onto the East Coast, starting with the opening of its JFK Street location.

HBS Climate Panel
Graduate School of Design

Harvard Business School Faculty and Climate Experts Talk Water and the Future of the City in Panel Discussion

The event was part of Harvard’s third annual Worldwide Week, an event held to highlight international research conducted by Harvard faculty and to promote discussion of global issues.

Vape Shop Ban Impact

A Pod of Problems for Boston-Area Vape Shops As Ban Goes Into Effect

Harvard Square smoke shops are facing steep commercial consequences following the implementation of a newly announced ban on the sale of vaping products in Massachusetts late last month.

Food and Drink

Robot Chefs To 'Spyce' Things Up in Harvard Square

Spyce, a Boston-based restaurant chain offering meals engineered by robot chefs, will open in Harvard Square in early 2020.

Flat Patties
Student Life

Flat Patties Flips Out of Harvard Square

The restaurant has operated in this location since 2014, after migrating from its former locale in the Garage in Harvard Square. Flat Patties’ current retail space is owned by Asana Partners, the North Carolina-based development company that owns several retail storefronts on Brattle St.

Harvard Square Newsstand
Harvard Square

Out of Town News to Leave Town

Out of Town News has sold newspapers from around the globe to Cambridge residents, students, and celebrities. Famous patrons included poet Robert Frost, celebrity chef Julia Child, and Microsoft founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

Athletes and Activism at the IOP

College Basketball Analyst and Activist Talk Sports, Social Justice at Harvard IOP

Clark C. Kellogg and Brittany N. Packnett discussed sports, activism, and social justice at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Monday evening.

Police Shut Down Harvard Square
On Campus

Harvard Square Shut Down Due to a Suspicious Package in MBTA Station

At 6:03 p.m., the MBTA posted on Twitter that trains would bypass the Harvard Square station “at the request of police.” Multiple vehicles from the Cambridge Police and Fire departments soon lined the intersection of JFK Street and Brattle Street, blocking vehicle traffic.

Black Ink
Harvard Square

A Dark Blot in Harvard Square: Black Ink to Close

Black Ink’s impending departure —a result of rising rent prices — has set off a wave of criticism against the North Carolina-based development company Asana Partners, which owns the property.

Harvard Business School

John McArthur, Former Dean of Harvard Business School and ‘a Mentor and Advisor…Without Peer,’ Dies at Age 85

McArthur, who served as dean of the Business School from 1979 to 1995 and engineered the creation of the Partners Healthcare network, died on Aug. 20 at age 85.

Summer Postcard: Paris
Summer Postcards 2019

Summer Postcard: The American Idea

It’s been interesting to see what this team means abroad. Back home, the American players have become veritable superstars: symbols of the fight for gender equality and a beacon of hope for an ever-divided nation.

Summer Postcard: Paris
Summer Postcards 2019

Summer Postcard: Paris

John Harvard"s
Harvard Square

Last Call for John Harvard’s Brewery: Beloved Square Restaurant to Close

As students head out of Harvard Square for the summer, another familiar place will be packing up too. John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House will leave its flagship location May 30th.

Ethnic Studies Demonstrations
Commencement 2019

'Our Faces, Our Histories, Our Stories': The Push for Ethnic Studies

Amid a year of student activism and near the conclusion of a century of profound social change in America, students in 1994 renewed their efforts to create a formal program for ethnic studies at Harvard College.

Jillson's Office
Harvard Square

Denise Jillson Maps Harvard Square’s Future

The executive director of the Harvard Square Business Association works to navigate a challenging commercial landscape.