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The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

Grad Student Unions Across U.S. Withdraw Representation Petitions

Graduate student unions at Boston College, Yale, University of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania have withdrawn petitions to represent students at those campuses before the National Labor Relations Board over the past two weeks.

SLAM Rally

Students, Workers Protest Termination of Former Univ. Employee

Wielding picket signs and bellowing chants, around 40 students and workers gathered outside the Smith Campus Center Thursday to protest the recent termination of Mayli Shing.

Unionization Vote
Central Administration

NLRB Finalizes Union Election Timeline and Eligibility

The National Labor Relations Board approved an election agreement earlier this month detailing the terms and timeline of Harvard’s upcoming unionization election.

Commanding The Room

Unionization Advocates Worried by Bacow’s Past Stance

Pointing to University President-elect Lawrence S. Bacow’s past comments on labor issues, Harvard unionization supporters say they worry he will not support the issue.

Unionization Polarization
University News

Unionization Opponents Concerned By Second Election

​Graduate students opposed to unionization condemn unequal resources between Harvard Graduate Students Union and students critical of the union.

Unionization Vote

Columbia Refuses to Bargain with Its Graduate Student Union, Possibly Threatening NLRB Precedent

Columbia University will not respond to a bargaining request from its graduate student union, and the resulting NLRB proceedings could impact Harvard.

Graduate Student Union Rally

Curran Details Next Steps for New Unionization Election in Email to Students

​Harvard’s Director of Labor and Employee Relations Paul R. Curran announced the University’s preparations for the April student unionization election.

Graduate Student Union Rally

Univ. Will Hold Second Unionization Election in April

"I can guarantee you that student-workers like myself across campus are circling April 18 on their calendars right now," one Ph.D. student said.

Stop Deportations

Students Phone Bank for Safe Communities Act

The Safe Communities Act is a piece of Massachusetts legislation that aims to offer more legal protections for immigrants in the commonwealth.

Unionization Vote
Student Life

Grad Student Union, Admins Clash Over Voter List for Second Election

The voter list was a point of contention in the original Nov. 2016 unionization election, when HGSU-UAW claimed that the voter list the University provided was insufficient.

Michael D. Smith
Alan Garber

Labor Activists Argue Against Garber, Smith for Presidency

Unionization organizer and English Ph.D. candidate Andrew B. Donnelly estimated student activists sent “more than 100” emails to people involved in the search process.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

Harvard to Hold Second Unionization Election

The mandate to hold a second election came after the National Labor Relations Board unsealed and counted 193 ballots remaining from Harvard’s first unionization election, held Nov. 2016, on Thursday morning.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

NLRB Delays Finalizing Harvard’s 2016 Unionization Election Due to Weather

The NLRB’s final count would pave the way for the University to hold a second election after more than a year of deadlock.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

NLRB to Finalize Results of Harvard’s 2016 Unionization Election in January

The National Labor Relations Board will count the remaining 195 contested ballots from Harvard’s Nov. 2016 student unionization election in early January, possibly paving the way for a new election.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

In NLRB Pro-Union Columbia Decision, Some See Ties to Harvard

“We’ve been celebrating with Harvard here,” said Olga Brudastova, a Columbia graduate student and union organizer.