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Language Credit

Language Requirement Changes Pave Way for Harvard Students Seeking Credit for Native Languages

Eli J. Langley ’20-’21 said that when he arrived at Harvard he found the University's language programs made it difficult to receive credit for Koasati. But recent changes to the language requirement have paved the way for more students to receive credit for proficiency in Native-American languages.

Sackler Protest

Activists Call on Harvard to Strip Art Museum of Sackler Name

Local activists and at least one public official are calling on Harvard to remove the Sackler family’s name from their buildings after a memorandum filed in federal court Tuesday alleged the family knowingly understated the risks of its company’s addictive opioid product.

White House

Shutdown Poses Research Challenges For Some Harvard Faculty

Funding lapses and restricted access to collaborators and resources — consequences of the longest government shutdown in United States history — have left some Harvard faculty members’ research projects mired in uncertainty, though most remain insulated from the shutdown’s effects for now.

University Hall

Faculty Shopping Week Committee Stakes Out Its Case, Encourages Student Input

Forty-four percent of Faculty of Arts and Sciences courses with teaching fellows last year had to add or drop discussion sections based on unexpected enrollment numbers, according to a website launched Friday by a faculty committee tasked with proposing potential changes to “shopping week.”

UC Leadership
Undergraduate Council

Former Undergraduate Council Leaders Talk Tenure, Future of UC

The duo said they believe they feel they fulfilled most of their 39 campaign promises.

Malala Wins Activist Award
Harvard Kennedy School

Malala Yousafzai Accepts Award from Harvard Kennedy School, Urges Students to Embrace Activism

Malala Yousafzai, winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize and a crusader for female education around the world, urged Harvard students on Thursday evening to passionately use their voices to enact change.


UC President Wants Class-Wide Programming for Sophomores and Juniors to be a 'Priority'

Roughly a year after students backed a referendum calling on the College to fund class-wide programming events for sophomores and juniors, UC leaders say they are now going ahead with the proposal.

UC Inauguration

UC Calls for Preservation of Shopping Week

The vote passed the Council 22–2 at the UC’s last meeting of the semester Sunday.

UC first meeting Smith Center
Undergraduate Council

UC Calls for Harvard to Rehire Former HUHS Employee

The Council released a statement Sunday calling for Harvard to rehire former HUHS employee Mayli Shing, after her controversial February firing.

UC first meeting Smith Center
Undergraduate Council

UC Allocates Wintersession Funds, Retain Full Control Over Eligibility

The UC voted to allocate $15,000 to student programming during Wintersession — the period marking the last 10 days of winter break — at its meeting Sunday.

Sruthi and Julia

Palaniappan and Huesa Win UC Presidential Election

Sruthi Palaniappan ’20 and Julia M. Huesa ’20 will lead the student body as Undergraduate Council President and Vice President in 2019, the UC Election Commission announced Thursday evening.

Crossfire Debate

After Accusations of Bias, Administrators Certify UC Election Results

The DSO sent its email to students roughly a minute after the election commission announced the vote tallies for the election. The unusual move came after an anonymous email circulated accusations of bias to undergraduates.

Open Data Project 2018 UC Election Results Prediction

Harvard Open Data Project Predicts Palaniappan and Huesa Will Win UC Race

Based partly on its poll of the student body last week, the Harvard College Open Data Project has predicted Sruthi Palaniappan ’20 and Julia M. Huesa ’20 will win the 2018 Undergraduate Council presidential election.

UC first meeting Smith Center

UC Puts Two Divestment Referenda on Election Ballot

The UC voted to place two referenda challenging Harvard's investment decisions on the ballot for its presidential election this week. The questions ask whether Harvard should divest from fossil fuels and the prison industry.

UC Graphic Outsiders Feature

Outsider Candidates Face Hurdles Running for Council Leadership

Five years after two non-UC members claimed the student body’s highest elected offices for the first time in its history, more outsiders have tossed their hats in the ring than in any Council election in over a decade.