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Student Funding Process

‘Asking For More’: Student Group Funding at Harvard College

As the number of recognized student groups on campus has spiked, funding has failed to keep pace. Now, the College is upping the student activities fee from $75 to $200.


The Changing Face of the College Administration

The shape of the College administration differs radically from that of even a couple decades ago.

Mental Health Survey Graphic

Mental Health Survey Shows Lack of Awareness of Student Resources

More than one in seven surveyed undergraduates reported in a recent wellness survey that their emotional health has had a negative effect on their academic performance.

UC Website
Undergraduate Council

UC Debuts Revamped Website

​The Council debuted a revamped website Monday, which UC leaders say will serve a resource compendium for students and will better hold the body accountable.

Faculty Meeting
Student Life

Faculty, Students Discuss Possible Elimination of Shopping Week

Over two dozen faculty, students, and administrators gathered in Leverett Library Theater Friday afternoon to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of proposed changes to undergraduate course enrollment in an off-the-record meeting.

Weekly UC Meeting

UC Voting Records Were Editable by All College Students

For months, the online voting records of the UC could be altered by any student with a valid College email address.

Harvard Mountaineering Club
Student Groups

Mountaineering and Outing Clubs to Lose Offices in Adams House

Harvard admins have proposed giving the groups new space in the Quadrangle Recreational Athletic Center, an athletic facility in the Quad.

UC Hacked
Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council Website Briefly Hacked By ‘Iran Cyber Security Group’

During the hack, visitors to the website encountered a cartoon of President Donald Trump being punched in the chin by an individual who wore a wristband striped the colors of the Iranian flag: green, white, and red.

HCFA Funding Vote

UC Finance Committee Optimistic Student Fee Changes Will Help Bottom Line

Members of the Council’s Finance Committee said they are optimistic student funding changes will benefit their budget, despite a semester marked by financial instability.

Undergraduate Council

At Town Hall, Students Call for Change After Arrest of Black Student

Some at the event sharply criticized Harvard for what they called a lack of institutional support. The arrest of the student has drawn allegations of police brutality.

Sunday Night with the UC
Undergraduate Council

UC Leaders Call for More Student Involvement in Implementation of Sanctions

The UC president and vice president urged administrators to consider student voices as they implement the College's controversial sanctions.

Sunday Night with the UC
Undergraduate Council

UC President on Unionization Election: 'Go Out and Vote'

UC leaders urged eligible students to vote in the student unionization election taking place Wednesday and Thursday.

Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr.

Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr.

Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr. defended the officers involved in the Friday arrest of a Harvard undergraduate at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Sunday Night with the UC

After Arrest, UC Members Criticize Harvard’s ‘Failure’ to Keep Students Safe

The statement also affirms that the Council stands “in solidarity” with the arrested student as well as with black Harvard affiliates more broadly.

Sunday Night with the UC
Undergraduate Council

UC Votes to Subsidize Storage for Low-Income Students

Residents and soon-to-be residents in Quincy, Dunster, Winthrop, Mather, and Leverett Houses who are eligible for the Student Events Fund will be eligible for the $35 subsidy.