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Barker Center

Gay Announces Plans to Hire New Ethnic Studies Faculty

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay will hire three to four senior faculty to specialize in Asian American, Latinx, and Muslim American studies during the upcoming academic year, the University announced Monday.

Research Funding Graphic

A Changing Funding Landscape

Harvard researchers are pivoting away from the federal government to private companies for funding.

Faculty Side Jobs Graphic

Balancing the Professorial and Professional

Harvard Law School Professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. is not the first faculty member to conduct outside work during his time at the University.

University Hall

62 Harvard Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Call for End to Appointment Time Caps

Sixty-two lecturers, preceptors, and fellows sent a letter to administrators Thursday asking the Faculty of Arts and Sciences not to terminate them once their teaching appointments automatically end.

Peabody Museum

HMSC Head Jane Pickering Appointed New Peabody Director

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay has appointed Jane Pickering as the new director of the Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Gay announced in an email to museum affiliates Tuesday.

Claudine Gay

Admins Defend Spousal Hiring Policy, Say Harvard Is Past Days of ‘Honey, We're Moving to Cambridge’

The issue arose in the final report of the Government Department Committee on Climate Change, which outlined a litany of challenges and potential changes to departmental policies, including those surrounding faculty recruitment and retention.

University Hall

Gay Doesn’t Rule Out Changes to Admissions Policies in Response to Fencing Scandal

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay said in an interview Thursday that the College could alter its admissions policies after an external investigation into Harvard’s head fencing coach, Peter Brand.

Warren and the College Dems

Warren Joins Chorus of Calls for Harvard to Remove Sackler Name from Campus

Democratic presidential candidate and United States Senator Elizabeth Warren called on Harvard to remove Arthur M. Sackler’s name from campus Wednesday, lending perhaps the most prominent voice yet to a growing chorus of public officials, families of opioid victims, and local activists pressuring Harvard to do so.

University Hall

Dominguez Accusers and Their Lawyers Say Harvard ‘Stonewalled’ Them on Investigation

Four women who accused former Government Professor Jorge I. Dominguez of sexual misconduct say Harvard failed to collect information they possess about Dominguez’s behavior, despite their offer to meet with University representatives about the matter.

University Hall
Front Feature

Harvard to Commission External Review of Circumstances Surrounding ‘Dominguez Situation’

University President Lawrence S. Bacow wrote in a Thursday letter to Government Professor Steven R. Levitsky that the University will initiate an external review of the circumstances that led to a failure to provide a safe work environment for Government department affiliates.


Harvard Prof. Dominguez Stripped of Emeritus Status Following Conclusion of Title IX Investigation

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay announced that she has stripped former Government Professor Jorge I. Dominguez of his emeritus status and disinvited him from campus following the conclusion of a months-long investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

Fall in Harvard Yard
Gen Ed

Shopping Week To Stay — For Now

The Faculty also sparred over and ultimately approved a proposed Quantitative Reasoning with Data requirement for the General Education program. Students beginning with the Class of 2023 must now take a class that allows them to “think critically about data.”

University Hall

Faculty to Vote on Overhauling Alcohol Policy in Student Handbook

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will review proposed updates to the College Student Handbook — including an overhaul of the College’s policies on drug and alcohol use — and decide the fate of “shopping week” at its last meeting of the semester Tuesday.

Government Town Hall

Government Affiliates Discuss Proposals to Improve Department Culture at Town Hall

More than 60 Government department affiliates met Thursday to discuss a report released by a departmental committee tasked with analyzing internal climate that recommended a slate of policies to improve sexual harassment reporting and prevention procedures.


Harvard Gov Dept Climate Committee Finds ‘Prolonged Institutional Failure’ in Final Report

The committee’s 53-page report, sent to department affiliates Wednesday, calls on the University to approve more faculty hiring and to launch an independent review of “failures of communication and reporting” that facilitated Dominguez’s abuse.