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Derrick A. Samuels and Rebekah E. Samuels

Derrick A. Samuels and Rebekah E. Samuels

Derrick A. Samuels and Rebekah E. Samuels have two children—a son at the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science and a daugher at the Boston Latin Academy, two exam schools in the Boston Public School system.

Boston Latin Academy

Boston Latin Academy

Boston Latin Academy is one of Boston's most prestigious public schools, and one of three exam schools.

Left Out of the System

Left Out of the System

At Harvard and at elite Boston public schools, so-called “objective” metrics used in admissions may not deserve the name. The game of who gets in where is undergirded — and, to a certain extent, predetermined — by a complex ecosystem of devoted parents, well-paid tutors, and driven students.

real broadband
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A Fiery Broadband Advocate's Crusade for Digital Equality

He takes a sip of ice water then leans forward, bracing his forearms against his knees and lowering his voice to a conspiratorial whisper: “But this is personal for anyone who has to deal with Comcast.”

Kavanaugh Letters

Meet the Sociologist Studying the Brett Kavanaughs of the World

"These are formative years, and these students are learning how to interact with others and are developing incredibly powerful understandings of themselves and the world around them that they carry with them for their entire lives."

Rising Tide
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The Rising Tide

A map fills the screen, its segments divided and labeled to represent Cambridge’s neighborhoods. Dashed blue lines bleed across West Cambridge and over Fresh Pond. “This is the floodplain,” Brown adds.

Gun Graphic fixed
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Can an Elite Education Protect You from Gun Violence?

Remembering the deaths of Hill, Markel, and Gabay—three individuals whose time at Harvard overlapped—Vijayaraghavan writes that their elite educations did not protect them from gun violence. And yet, underpinning her statement is the curious assumption that their alma mater could have shielded them from bullets in the first place.

Superintendent Ridealong
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Arresting, In Development

On a chilly March afternoon, weeks before the incident, FM met Cambridge Police Department Superintendent Christine A. Elow in her office. The space is just like any other career professional’s: kids’ drawings pasted on the walls, plaques and awards arranged tidily along the shelves. She’s the second highest ranking officer in the department and the first woman to ever hold her position. And she’s a local. She grew up in Cambridge, attended Cambridge public schools, and, after serving four years with the U.S. Navy, ended up back in her hometown with the CPD.

Pitbull CARAT

Study Abroad Tips from Mr. Worldwide

What you have to understand is that I don’t play football, but I’ve touched down everywhere. Likewise, I don’t play baseball, but I’ve hit a home run everywhere. I’ve been to countries and cities I can’t pronounce and places on the globe I didn’t know existed.

Hubway Station
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Transportation, In a SNAP

I clutch at my brakes, desperately trying to avert crisis. It is already too late: my front wheel impacts the first ridge at full speed, and I jolt forwards, nearly launching over the handlebars.

Fenway Park

Back to Boston: The Office of Returning Citizens

FM sat down with Kevin R. Sibley, who works to reintegrate the 3,000 individuals who return to Boston each year from incarceration.

Studying Beneath Annenberg

FM Imagines: Alternatives to Concentration and Secondary

FM imagines better labels.

Around Town

A Safe Place: Y2Y Summer Shelter

“Doing a summer program seemed like the natural next step,” Garcia says. “We seemed to be needed.”