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Portrait of an Artist: Emma Brock

The Harvard Crimson spoke with Emma Brock about playing Michael Scott in "The Office! The Musical Parody."

Lewis Capaldi photo

Lewis Capaldi Leads the Boston Royale in Qualified Catharsis

The sweaty crowd laden in eyeliner and leather jackets had lined up outside the Boston nightclub to see a sad, goofy Scottish boy play his guitar.

Hayley Kiyoko Rolling Stone

Top Five Alternatives to Hayley Kiyoko

In honor of this past weekend’s National Coming Out Day, here’s a list of all the queer musical goddesses you could possibly want.

Alec Baldwin Trump SNL

Unpopular Opinion: SNL Plays Right into Trump’s Hand

Do SNL’s political skits deserve the moral high ground they’re often given just because they make Trump angry? I’d argue they just make things worse.

lana del ray doin time

Lana, Lizzo, and the Lure of Trump’s Twitter

But then, what right does an artist have to tell any writer what they can and can’t say? That seems a particularly Trumpian idea.


From Governors Ball 2019: Sunday Sound Bites

Due to a whirlwind of weather-induced scheduling changes, only 11 of the planned 27 acts in Governors Ball’s Sunday lineup ended up being able to perform.


From Governors Ball 2019: BROCKHAMPTON are the Best Kind of Boyband

BROCKHAMPTON are out to be the best, to “redefine the word ‘boy band,’” and to take on any limited definitions of masculinity the world tries to force on them.

florence gov ball

From Governors Ball 2019: Florence + The Machine’s One-Woman Exorcism

It was an almost ludicrous confession emanating from this wild, towering woman. How could she possibly believe her excess was anything other than mesmerizing?


From Governors Ball 2019: Hippo Campus Turns a Corner

As they neared the end of the set, it was difficult not to feel that there was something genuinely fresh about their shiny, self-aware brand of indie rock.

kacey musgraves gov ball

From Governors Ball 2019: Kacey Musgraves’s Counter-Culture Country

At the end of the day, Kacey Musgraves is just a girl with a guitar — but she sure will leave you with a smile on your face.

Captain Marvel logo

Unpopular Opinion: I’m Sick of Superhero Feminism

On the surface, it’s kind of ridiculous that it’s taken Marvel 11 years to release one movie led by a woman.

Yardfest Tyler the Creator

An Interview with Boston Calling Co-Founder Brian Appel

"Over the last 10 festivals, we’ve booked really diverse line ups, so you’ve got a lot of hip hop, a lot of indie rock, DJs, rock and roll bands, comedians, even podcasts. If I had to say there’s one common thread, it’s artists that tend to be incredible live performers."

sing to me instead art

Ben Platt Breaks Out of Broadway with Debut Album ‘Sing To Me Instead’

On his debut album “Sing To Me Instead,” Platt is right next to you, sitting at his living room piano with a visceral kind of honesty.

‘The Brink’ still

Alison Klayman on her New Film ‘The Brink’ and Her Unlikely Relationship with Steve Bannon

The Harvard Crimson sits down with director Alison Klayman to discuss her documentary, "The Brink," about Steve Bannon, the former chairman of Breitbart News and President Donald Trump's Chief Strategist.

Isabella Boylston

Isabella Boylston on Ballet, Business, and Being Yourself

Isabella Boylston, an icon of American classical ballet, came to Harvard's Office of Career Services on Feb. 25.