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RUS Course Catalogue Spring

How to Build a Concentration

In 1981, Colker was asked to donate her thesis to a women’s studies library that students were curating to convince Harvard to create a women’s studies concentration. By then, both students and the University had an increased understanding of the field as legitimate and deserving of attention.


Living Next to the Fly Turned Me Into a Party Girl and My Life Has Never Been Better

Over the weeks, I witnessed many other strange occurrences. I would hear the speaker blasting music, look outside, and see not a party, but two men at the outdoor tables, adding irresponsible investments to their stock portfolios. Once, I saw a singular man doing squats with a keg on his back while using the speaker.

Ju Yon Kim

Ju Yon Kim is Building from the Inside

When Kim took her job at Harvard in 2011, she didn't know she would be the only tenure-track Asian American Studies faculty member. "I was very surprised when I came to campus."

KDrama TV

Talking Out Loud When My Roommate's Gone

When I first started watching Korean dramas, I was too young to be cynical.

Legacy Files

Bob Dole, the Department of Education, and the Nebulous Fight Against Legacy Admissions

Whether or not legacy preference contradicts the larger goals of Harvard’s admissions process has often spurred scrutiny and debate.

HUB Week

For Fourth Year, HUBweek Encourages Innovation

HUBweek, a week-long “ideas festival” founded by Harvard, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Boston Globe, ran from Oct. 8 to Oct. 14.

Reed Shafer-Ray '18 Fights for Gun Reform
Gun Politics

Gun Control Bill Driven by Recent Grad Becomes Massachusetts Law

An “extreme risk protection order” firearms bill inspired by recent Harvard alumnus Reed T. Shafer-Ray ’18 is now Massachusetts law.


My Favorite Things

My grandmothers saw my brother and me as battlegrounds for their cultures, each trying to make sure theirs didn’t disappear.

Fenway Park
Student Life

Harvard Students Displeased With New Harvard-Yale Ticket Policies

While in past years, students were able to purchase tickets for guests from the Athletics Box Office, students are strictly limited to one ticket per HUID this fall.


Mass. Marijuana Retailers Criticize ‘Community Impact Fees’ on Businesses

Mass. marijuana retailers have accused the Cannabis Control Commission of failing to enforce legal limits on how much municipalities can charge the businesses.


Boston Blazes Trail With New Recreational Marijuana Zoning Regulations

​The Boston Zoning Commission voted last month to approve zoning regulations for recreational marijuana businesses in Boston.

Throne of Knowledge

Seventy-Three Undergraduates Win Annual Hoopes Prize

The award comes with $5,000 per awardee, along with a $2,000 honorarium for faculty nominators who oversaw student projects.

Aurora Straus

Shifting Gears

It didn’t take long for Straus—4’9, 13 years old, and a woman—to realize she didn’t fit into racing’s most common demographic. She says a comment from a well-meaning instructor almost made her quit.

Almost There

Despite Torrential Downpours, Harvard Students Run Boston Marathon

The rain presented unexpected challenges to student runners—causing some to come up with creative solutions.

Reed Shafer-Ray
Harvard College Democrats

Spurred by Friend's Suicide, Harvard Senior Pushes for Gun Control Legislation

After a childhood friend committed suicide, Reed T. Shafer-Ray ’18 began pushing for twin gun safety bills in the Massachusetts State House that he hopes will save lives.