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Andover Hall
Harvard Divinity School

Record $25 Million Donation to Divinity School to Fund Renovations

A $25 million donation to the Divinity School will enable a complete renovation of the main campus building, administrators announced last Thursday.

UC Meeting 10/23

Stats Experts Point to Flaws in UC Social Group Survey

“Without some attempt to measure who responded, adjust who responded, it’s difficult to know what to make of it,” said Chase H. Harrison, the associate director of the Harvard Program on Survey Research.


Departments Host Events for Prospective Concentrators

Several administrator said concentrations are not looking to attract more students, but rather to help students find their desired path of study.

Amazon Prime

Faculty Express Mixed Feelings on Boston’s Amazon Bid

Harvard experts in urban planning, technology, and sociology say Amazon's potential landing in Boston would have likely deep ramifications for the city—both good and bad.

Harvard Divinity School

Hindu Monk Talks ‘Modern Monasticism’ at Divinity School

Traditionally, Tyagananda said, monasticism has focused on “not being a part of society at all.” Modern monastics, by contrast, maintain some societal engagement.

Wang Shi talk

Chinese Billionaire Talks Entrepreneurship, Expeditions, and Education

​Chinese billionaire Wang Shi visited Harvard over the weekend, delivering a sold-out lecture in Mandarin Chinese about his experiences in business and Western academia.

Gannett House
Harvard Law School

With New Blog, Law Review Makes Case For Online Content

The Harvard Law Review launched a new online blog aimed at providing more accessible, timely content alongside their usual long-form fare.


Symposium Brings Together Experts on Inequality

​Professors and researchers from across the country delivered interdisciplinary talks on problems of inequality at the first-ever Inequality in America Symposium, held at Loeb House on Friday.