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Isabel C. Ruehl

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Boomerangs Still

Boomerangs is a secondhand store in Central Square.

Poets Lauterbach and Wier announce Harvard’s new John Ashbery Reading Library

John Ashbery’s complete library has just been donated to Houghton Library’s Woodberry Poetry Room.

An Invitation to Play: The MFA Winnie-the-Pooh Exhibition

It’s loud, exciting, and stimulating, and this emphasis on interplay — and play itself — is no accident. Wall text abounds with descriptions of collaboration between the Milne-Shepard families, as well as the subtlety of “Winnie-the-Pooh’s” educational agenda.

Miller-Havens Gallery Moves Into Harvard Square

The first solo artist gallery of Harvard Square has arrived.

Dead Centre’s ‘Hamnet’ Takes On Parent-Child Relationships

Stripped of complex language and any inkling of plot, “Hamnet” reduces the Shakespearean canon to a moving meditation on parent-child relationships. The result is a wonderfully accessible performance that is nonetheless quite nuanced.