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'Zombieland: Double Tap' still

‘Zombieland: Double Tap’: Worth The Ten-Year Wait

The world definitely did not need a zombie movie sequel 10 years after the original movie premiered. However, if the world did, in fact, have space for one more — and very late — zombie movie, it needed to be exceptional. In short, it needed to be “Zombieland: Double Tap.”

american idiot album art

15 Years Later, Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ Still Resonates

Today, “American Idiot” is still as politically relevant as ever.

‘Black Light’ still

‘Black Light’ Creates a Politically Charged Escape for Those at a Crossroads

“Black Light” is a cabaret that explores the intersection of blackness and queerness through dramatic storytelling and '80s inspired music.

foreign air the middle east

Foreign Air Brings their ‘Loud Magic’ to Cambridge

Multi-colored lights flashed behind the band but, when it came to punctuating their set, they turned to corny jokes rather than theatrics.


ABHW Brings Rico Nasty to Harvard

The discussion covered a variety of topics such as Rico Nasty’s artistic inspirations, son, target audience, and unconventional style.

'Santa Clarita Diet' still

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Season Three Somehow Weirder than the First Two

Starring Drew Barrymore as the realtor turned zombie and Timothy Olyphant as the co-realtor turned husband-of-zombie, the third season of this Netflix original series features undertones of race, politics, religion, and romance through jokes so awful, viewers cannot help but laugh.


Black Arts Festival 2019: Drag Queens Talk Race and Sexuality in 'Drag as a Black Imaginary Space'

In addition to exploring themes of fashion and identity, panelists also examined the ways that gentrification has restricted Boston’s queer community.


Arachnophile Billie Eilish Ignites Boston’s House of Blues

It was obvious from the very beginning that Billie Eilish’s interests were centered around keeping the crowd’s attention every minute of her set.

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die Cover

Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die: Good in 2013

“TWTL, TRTD” will always be a special album for introducing a whole generation to Panic! at the Disco and emo pop. ​​​​​​​