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Free Food Tonight

The Fallout of Free Food

Overemphasizing food as an incentive to join an organization makes me uneasy, since it seems to reduce the importance of the activities that the club is promoting.

Alone in Dining Hall

Alone at a Table for Ten

With every familiar face that walked by without a wave, with every person I failed to speak to, I was reminded of my immense failure to reach out and connect to the people I most wanted to become close with.

Bitter Taste of Development

The Bitter Taste of Development

This mix of holding onto tradition and embracing the future is likely what drew so many of us here to this school. The two, however, can sometimes come into conflict, making us redefine our ideas of what we think is important.

Dining Plans

Life after Dining Plans

Though some schools’ systems are incredibly complex, with dining points, dining dollars, fixed swipes, and a ton of other terminology, Harvard is on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Gratitude for HUDS workers

Whining and Dining

Once you start reflecting on how you fit into the greater Harvard community, the world suddenly opens up, allowing you to be grateful and appreciative of what you have, instead of just whining about what you don’t have.

Late Lunch

The Deeper Message of Harvard’s Dining Hall Food

This kind of dining allows students not only to feel represented by the food they’re familiar with at home but also gives those who may not have tried these foods the opportunity to experience new cuisines.