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Boston Flower and Garden Show

Boston Flower and Garden Show Offers Hope for Spring

Immediately beyond the abundant, multi-colored floral arrangements guarding the venue’s entrance, an entire path of award-winning landscape gardens greeted attendees.

Solange When I Get Home

Eclectic and Electrifying, Solange Seduces in ‘When I Get Home’

Solange’s fourth studio album is a mellow, intoxicating experience — slightly drifting, yet purposefully so.

Work Wife Cover

‘Work Wife’ is an Empowering Ode to a Healthy Work Life

Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur’s “Work Wife” offers better wellness and relationship advice than most “Cosmopolitan” articles and Barnes & Noble self-help books.

Avril Lavigne Dumb Blonde Cover Photo

If You Think Avril Lavigne is a ‘Dumb Blonde,’ Watch Her Prove You Wrong

A salute to songs played on iPod nanos and sang along to in the shower, “Dumb Blonde” is a shameless pleasure with an enticingly subtle feminist theme.