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Dear Diary, I’m Living Through a Pandemic

History Department lecturer Zachary B. Nowak and a group of undergraduates have set out to ensure that when future historians study COVID-19's impact on Harvard College, the archives will abound with student voices.

At Home With CovEd

Evelyn Wong ’21 created CovEd in the days after Harvard College students were asked to leave campus, while she was packing her belongings and preparing to return home. As she saw spreadsheets circulating to provide college students with emergency housing and storage, her thoughts turned to younger students hit by school shutdowns around the nation.

Amid a Rapidly Changing Present, Can Chinatown Preserve Its Past?

Chinatown’s physical structures are deeply intertwined with its cultural significance: As gentrification razes row houses and storefronts, it also threatens the character of the community and its tight-knit, working-class core. Amid the conflict over what — and who — makes Chinatown valuable, activists work to preserve its history and guide its future, allowing the community’s influence to grow beyond its borders.

(Insert Name Here)

I hear hastily stifled giggles and feel my cheeks flush with shame as the class turns towards me. I am suddenly aware that I have labeled myself as different from the Sarahs and the Charlottes and the Emilys — that I have labeled myself wrongly.

Give a Girl a Sword and She’ll Ask for a Battalion

When Twombly first looked up “sword fighting” on a whim and joined the Boston Armizare, she was the only woman in the club. She was determined to bring her hobby to a wider audience, however, and set out to show other women that they, too, can enjoy martial arts.

Give a girl a sword - group

Esfinges is the first female international HEMA network, created to unite and support female martial artists and encourage and assist more women in taking up the practice of Historical European Martial Arts.

Service Starts with Summer

Feder was one of the 75 students in the Class of 2023 to participate in the new Service Starts with Summer Program, affectionately referred to as 3SP by its organizers. Administered by the Phillips Brooks House Association, the program gives each participant a $1,500 stipend for completing 100 hours of work on a self-directed service project in their hometown.

Food for Thought with Christina Warinner

A row of colorful, plastic-wrapped toothbrushes lines a shelf in Christina Warinner’s office. Their presence is a bit ironic, as Warinner’s research seems to put her at odds with dental hygiene: some of her most important discoveries come from residue left on the teeth of ancient humans.