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Michelle Wu ’07 is Running for Mayor on a Green New Deal. What Does this Mean for Boston?

More than anything, the Green New Deal of Michelle Wu '07 celebrates the city of Boston. She draws on the city’s history of firsts — home to the country’s first public library, first public park, and first public school — to emphasize Boston’s potential to lead. “It’s because we realized the ways in which we’re interconnected and we can do that again,” she says of the city’s many firsts. “When Boston leads, we have an impact on this country’s trajectory.”

Live Theater Takes a Walk

While other theater companies tried to adapt plays for a Zoom setting, Lyric Stage, Boston's oldest theater company, was reluctant to entertain audiences through a screen. Instead, Lyric hoped to entertain without adding screen time by encouraging audiences to step into the city.

Walking Play with Map

The Walking Play outlines a specific path to take through Boston Common which corresponds to key events in the accompanying audio.

Christie A. Jackson

Christie A. Jackson ’21 answers with no hesitation when I ask her what her favorite color is. “I love yellow,” she says. Even through a computer screen, Jackson exudes a positivity and confidence that can best be described as sunny.

No Really, Let's Grab a Meal Sometime

“Let’s grab a meal sometime.” How many times did I hear this phrase last year? A benevolent proposition anywhere else, at Harvard, it’s become a nicety at best, and a symbol of everything wrong with social life on campus at worst.

Breaking the Harvard Bubble

The “Harvard bubble” is a phenomenon that shields students from the responsibilities of adult life, yet also blocks them from engaging with the communities that surround the University. But after Harvard’s campus became off-limits to many, some students find themselves settling outside the bubble’s walls, placing them next to a local housing crisis that the bubble can no longer hide.

Keeping Local Music Alive, One Livestream at a Time

This year’s Boston Local Music Festival comes at a time when local musicians are threatened and  increasingly important. “Sharing art is a way to connect with each other, now more than ever, especially considering our stages are dark and will likely be for a long time,” Sickert’s band says.

“2-D Figures on a Screen”: Meet the Harvard Freshmen Enrolled Remotely

University presidents and administrators often toss around the idea of the “Harvard experience,” referring to some nebulous, borderline-magical adventure — one that includes far more than academic classes, ranging from clubs to arts to spontaneity with new friends. This year’s freshmen students have to reconceptualize their expectations for what “the Harvard experience” means — remotely-enrolled freshmen most of all.