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A Harvard Epidemiologist's Reminder of Our Common Humanity

Nancy Krieger is a professor of social epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Krieger is known for her theory of ecosocial disease distribution, which examines how different historical, societal, and ecological conditions are made manifest in the health outcomes of different social groups — in other words, how factors like economic inequality affect public health. Fifteen Minutes spoke with her about how the coronavirus pandemic has revealed the social determinants of health inequality and  what we can do to alleviate those inequities. This interview has been edited for clarity and concision.

Shopping for Scrubs and Other Traces of Normalcy

I’ve always been vaguely aware that my mom is an infectious disease doctor. There were little clues — medical jargon over dinner, horror stories about patients used to scare me into healthy eating, a skin rash-themed wall calendar — but on the whole, I simply thought of her as my mom, and beyond that, just perpetually busy. Now, though, her profession is not just unignorable — it’s inseparable from her identity as my mom, from her very existence.

Amid a Rapidly Changing Present, Can Chinatown Preserve Its Past?

Chinatown’s physical structures are deeply intertwined with its cultural significance: As gentrification razes row houses and storefronts, it also threatens the character of the community and its tight-knit, working-class core. Amid the conflict over what — and who — makes Chinatown valuable, activists work to preserve its history and guide its future, allowing the community’s influence to grow beyond its borders.

Harvard’s Hidden Staff Artists

During their free time, many Harvard staff members enjoying creating art and music. For the first time ever, there is an event where staff members can present their art at the Smith Campus Center Staff Arts Show.

My Dorm Room is Messy and I Blame Entropy

I remember learning about entropy in my high school chemistry class: Iit’s something about the scientific tendency of a system to move toward chaos. I guess I’ll blame the messiness on that.

Asking Philosopher T. M. Scanlon ‘What We Owe to Each Other’

The title of Professor Scanlon's book, "What We Owe to Each Other," was adopted into an episode of NBC's "The Good Place." FM sat down with Scanlon to chat about "The Good Place," the definition of morality, and why we should study philosophy.