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On Social Media, You Get an ‘A’ for Effortlessness

The act of revolution is not necessarily ignoring standards entirely, rejecting the supposedly frivolous pursuit of beauty in the name of feminism. I think it’s finding a way to love yourself anyway — whether it involves makeup or fashion or fitness, or posting on Instagram, or not posting on Instagram. It’s coming to terms with who you are, both your physical and digital selves.

The Case for Slow Consumption

Once you take time to consider what you’re consuming, you might find sympathy for people you wouldn’t have expected to. You might find joy in a slower, more intentional lifestyle not constantly inundated with information. You might find that you have less to say, and that’s not a bad thing.

Our Well-Being is Paying For The Attention Economy

It’s not you, it’s your phone. It’s not your lack of self-control, it’s systems that are designed to keep you coming back based on algorithms that are tracking your subconscious behavior.

Let’s Not Ruin BeReal

Something about BeReal is not quite fun anymore — perhaps the loss of genuine connection with friends, or the strangeness when a group simultaneously pulls out their phones to “be real.” In any case, I’m holding out for a change for the better, or at least, holding out for December, when I can collect and post my year of unfiltered, real moments for the world to see.