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Millie Mae Healy

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‘The Suicide Squad’ Does Not Suck: A Review

By treating the ideas of evil and malice with nuance, “The Suicide Squad” tells a compelling story about villains, without depriving them of all the traits that make these characters villains in the first place.

“Shadow and Bone” Season One Review: Fantasy Adaptation Done Right

Despite containing all the standard elements of the “teen girl discovers her powers, enters new world, and is stuck between two boys,” cliche, it uses the tropes as a launching pad to consider abusive relationships, fear, self-worth and self-actualization.

‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Review: It Didn’t Need To Be Four Hours Long

It is wonderful that a director has been given the opportunity to correct the changes and have his artistic vision honored. However, the end result feels drawn out, convoluted and repetitive — it screams vanity project rather than landmark superhero film.