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What The Hell Happened: BTS Confirm New Album

While Big Hit Music has yet to release any further information about the upcoming release, that hasn’t deterred ARMYs from making their own predictions. Proposed hypotheses include that the name of the album will be “WE” to reflect “ME,” and that the album’s cover will be purple to symbolize BTS’s growth.

From Dreamville Festival 2022: J. Cole Gets Emotional Seeing His Impact

At various points throughout the hour-long concert, the Fayetteville-native rapper visibly teared up — in awe at the impact he and his festival have made. Not only did his performance prove that he put North Carolina on the map, it was a testimony that his town, his Dreamville crew, and his loyal fans will rep ‘Cole world’ until the end

From Dreamville Festival 2022: Headliner Lil Baby Has ‘Sum 2 Prove’

Lil Baby ended the show with a smile of gratitude, but the happy fans who walked out of Dreamville festival that night were sure they were the lucky ones to have witnessed such a dedicated performer in his element.

Exhibit Review: ‘Immersive Shevchenko: Soul Of Ukraine’

For the entirety of the 15-minute show, the exhibit entices all senses and transports the audience directly into the art. As soon as the lights dim and the paintings come to life, one feels as if Shevchenko himself is in the room.