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From the Poker Table to the Zoom Screen

The complexities of poker are what drew co-president Dasha Metropolitansky ’22 to the game in the first place. “I picked up a few pretty simple poker math books and realized very quickly that this game, which you can learn in ten minutes, was infinitely more complex than I thought it was.”

Behind the Bust of W.E.B. Du Bois

The painful contradictions of American history seem to be contained within this bust. What Hancock’s motivations or personal convictions were cannot be known, and perhaps remain the greatest mystery of this story. But it is clear that his role in sculpting both the bust and the monument at Stone Mountain raise a host of vital questions about what it means to commemorate, and how the ways in which we memorialize reflect the values of our society.

A Theatre for One (or Fourteen More)

The Brattle Theatre, housed in a 130-year-old red brick building in Harvard Square, has been operating as a movie theatre since 1953. Now, as COVID-19 casts doubt on the future of the cinema industry, the Brattle Theatre is working to re-imagine what a theater can be.