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Summery Day Means Many Different Things

By Michael S. Lottman

What kind of a day was it in Cambridge yesterday?

It depended on, who you were. For those taking examinations in the 90-degree heat, it as a hot, sweaty, miserable, stinking excuse for a day. For those studying for the next debacle, the day afforded an opportunity to say eloquently. "The hell with it," and find something more appealing to do.

For the motorcycle set, the day was tough on tires and engines, but easy on leather jackets, which could be left at home. For the two members of the somewhat less exalted bicycle set shown in the picture on the left, it was a day on which some ugly snoop tried to take your picture.

For boys and girls all over Cambridge, it was the beginning of the long mating season that comes with the onset of real summer weather. Among the three Mem Drive strollers (second picture from the left) most probably a deadly game was being played. One girl would go home with the guy, and one would go home alone; but the game would still go on.

For the bikini-ed girl in the next picture, the day was a fine chance to show off attributes that cold-weather dress somehow does not emphasize. Also, if one can judge from the look in her benefactor's eyes, it was a chance to learn how much an ice-cream cone was worth.

For da boise, it was a great day to get together and maybe play a little ball. For the type who frequents Lamont and other infamous places, yesterday was not markedly different from the coldest day in January.

And for the lone seeker on the right, possibly experiencing his last spring in Cambridge, it was a day to realize how much you were leaving behind and to contemplate the Charles, which, even if it is the only tin-lined river in the world, can still be beautiful when the light is right.

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