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The Final Exam

If all goes well, there can be something very satisfying about studying for exams. Not taking them, of course--even if

Billboards in Fantasyland

It takes a lot to catch a busy student's eye, and campus posters are a remarkable testament to the fickle

Secure Your Flotation Device

It's that time of your again. Spring is in the air, midterms are winding down, and the mangled bodies of

Build Your Own Rumor Mill

Those of us who watched Monica Lewinsky's interview on 20/20 last week were treated to a series of denials about

A Governor Cries in the ARCO Forum

You may not have been there this past Monday night when former New York Governor Mario Cuomo came to speak

Let's Go: Home

So you've finally decided to do it: After months of planning, you're at last making the big trip Home, You've

Playing by the Rules

Lately, a lot more has been bothering General Augusto Pinochet of Chile than his bad back. Visiting the United Kingdom

Who's Reading That Yearbook?

This week and next week, a little bit earlier than most of us wanted to think about it, the Class


While the staff's criticisms of the Undergraduate Council are often well-reasoned critiques worthy of consideration, their attack on the council