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CUE Discusses Reading Period Work

Students are already stressed about the upcoming reading period, but yesterday the committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) met to discuss

Faculty OKs Research Professor Title in Addition to Emeritus

Associate, assistant, University, emeritus--now one more title has been added to the plethora of Harvard professorial categories--"research professor." The Faculty

Vote Redmond or Verma

Kamil E. Redmond '00 can take attendance and flip burgers with the best of them. But Redmond has shown a

Graduate School Council Pushes For Better Advising System

In the wake of the recent apparent suicide of a first-year graduate student, members of the Graduate Student Council (GSC)

Students From China React to Appearance of Their President

Many people are interested in what Chinese President Jiang Zemin has to say on his visit to Harvard on Friday,

Faculty Quiet at First Meeting

Yesterday's Faculty meeting, the first one of the year, had the feel of a sleepy Friday afternoon class. Although the

Core at Eight-Year Low

Some of the most talked-about news on campus last year was the reform of the Core program, but you wouldn't

Worries About Summa Integrity Drive Downsizing Reform

"Summa cum laude" is the highest honor a graduate can receive. A summa from Harvard is one of the most

Undergraduate Council Reform Stagnates at Year's End

"Reform" was the catch-word on every Undergraduate Council member's lips, but attempts to overhaul the often-maligned council this year met