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Vote Redmond or Verma


Kamil E. Redmond '00 can take attendance and flip burgers with the best of them. But Redmond has shown a passionate commitment to the larger issues that matter--faculty diversity, advising and gender equality foremost among them.

Redmond is not blind to the council's role as a provider of and lobbier for student services. She firmly supports providing money to student groups, and is committed to quality-of-life improvements. But Redmond recognizes that the vice-president must speak louder and work toward larger goals. If elected, she will keep up efforts to interest students from all backgrounds in the council and energize the fight for Faculty diversity.

Although she has served just one term on the council, Redmond has proven herself fast, making her the only candidate in either race endorsed by both current president Lamelle D. Rawlins '99 and vice president Mark A. Price '98, as well as by the Black Students Association, RAZA and the BGLTSA.

We can also comfortably recommend Olivia Verma '00, the current council secretary, who is well-spoken and well-versed in council affairs. Verma has most notably demonstrated a commitment to advising and student group support.

The staff's choice of Sam C. Cohen '00, mean-while, is inconsistent with its endorsement of presidential candidate Benjamin W. Hulse '99 and his broader vision for the council. Cohen, worthy of credit for his diligent work on shuttle buses and other student services, seems better suited to continue in his capacity as co-chair of the Campus Life Committee.

This year's sophomore vice-presidential candidates are the leaders of the future. We must elect one now who is committed to the weighty issues like advising reform and faculty diversity if we want to establish a chain of leadership who can see through meaningful change on this campus.

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