Houghton Library’s ‘Altered States’ Exhibition

‘LSD’ Houghton Exhibit Showcases Counterculture Paraphernalia

​Ivy-lined Houghton Library seems an unlikely place to explore mind-altering substances—but the Library’s latest exhibit, “Altered States: Sex, Drugs, and Transcendance,” does just that.

Smoking Weed
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How to Hypothetically Celebrate Boston's First Legal 4/20

Happy 4/20, Harvard!


Opulence and Opium: The Legacy of Harvard's Drug Syndicate

From Harvard, the opium trade spread throughout New England. According to Bradley, Yale University’s infamous Skull and Bone society was funded by the Russels, the most successful family of opium dealers in America. Columbia’s Low Memorial Library was also named after a key member of the family. Even Princeton’s first large benefactor, John Green, funded his contribution through the opium trade.

America's Opioid Crisis

America's Opioid Crisis

David T. Armstrong, former Vermont Governor Peter E. Shumlin, and R. Gil Kerlikowske speak about America’s opioid crisis at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics Wednesday evening.


Every Minute Counts: Fighting the Opioid Epidemic in Cambridge

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 33,000 people died from overdoses involving pain-relieving narcotics, known as opioids, in 2015. Of those, 1,751 were in Massachusetts.

The Hong Kong Restaurant

Marijuana Gummy Incident Briefly Closes Kong

Scorpions bowls weren’t the only intoxicating substance distributed at the Hong Kong Restaurant in October 2016.

Bong and Widener

It's High Time: Weed at Harvard

Even after recreational marijuana became legal Massachusetts in the fall, some Harvard affiliates—professors, administrators, proctors, deans, even students—still clam up when asked what they think about using the drug on campus.


Some Students Hope Legalized Marijuana Will Grow Campus Culture

​After a statewide legalization of recreational marijuana took effect in Massachusetts Thursday, some Harvard undergraduates said they think the new legislation will change the University’s “campus culture” for the better.


Harvard Yet to Green-Light Weed Ahead of Legalization

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Massachusetts starting Dec. 15, although the future of the drug on Harvard’s campus is uncertain as the University remains mum on changes to its drug and alcohol policy.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy ’98 discussed the problems created by the current opiate drug abuse epidemic in the United States during a lecture at the Institute of Politics Monday evening. Moderated by HKS Professor Amitabh Chandra, the conversational lecture included discussion of public health policy and the future of health lawmaking under president-elect Donald Trump’s future administration.


Harvard Students on High After Mass. Marijuana Legalization

Massachusetts narrowly approved the legalization of recreational marijuana on Tuesday night, and Harvard students are pretty excited about it.

State Politics

Massachusetts Legalizes Marijuana, Denies Expansion for Charter Schools

Massachusetts voters opted to legalize marijuana and denied a proposed lift in the state's charter school cap that was contentious among state Democrats, along with handing Hillary Clinton an overwhelming majority in the state.


Divinity School Students and Staff Debate Mass. Ballot Questions

A group of Divinity School students and staff exchanged differing opinions on the Mass. referendum questions on charter school expansion and the legalization of Marijuana on Monday.

DAPA Grants Ice Cream

DAPA Grants Ice Cream

Drug Alcohol Peer Advisors Dann B. Stevens ‘19 and Eleni M. Kovatsis ‘17 educate students about alcohol drinking limits while handing out ice cream Tuesday night in Quincy House.


Council Committee Gives Medical Marijuana Proposal Favorable Recommendation

​Sage Cannabis is one step closer to opening its proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Cambridge following a televised hearing in which city councillors questioned the company’s CEO regarding the safety of his proposed site.