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Finding And Freeing Harvard’s Creative Minds

Would Ralph Waldo Emerson have been admitted to the Harvard class of 2016? In a response to an essay by English Professor Helen Vendler, Crimson Arts editor Adam T. Horn reflects on personal freedom and conventional paths to success.


'John Carter' Jumps High Amongst Sci-Fi Films

A light-footed fantasy with Pixar charm and Tarzan cheese, "John Carter" will be likely one of the most under-appreciated—films of the year.


Group Refuses to Stagnate on Hyperactive Latest

For better or worse, the first single is a fair indication of Coldplay’s new direction. The lyrics mean less than ever before, the synths mean more, and the melodies mean everything. But it’s Martin’s melodies that have always been the reason to listen to Coldplay; and the melodies of “Mylo Xyloto” are as big as ever.


Kanye West Vindicates Self on “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" opens with a promise of stubborn refusal to compromise that the following twelve tracks keep.


2010 in 10 Kanye Quotes

Kanye’s latest album is a brash triumph, but just as important for 2010 was his acquisition of a Twitter account.


Reflections on Reflection

Reflection is a tough word to pin down, but for me it means thinking about my life the same way I think about a story or a poem, sifting through scenes or stanzas to find threads of meaning.


Escape Artists

A couple weeks from now millions of people will line up to watch the first of two movies based on ...


Wanderlust: Why We Leave

Letters from home leave me with an unsettling question: if I loved the place so much, why’d I leave?


Singing Ourselves Home

The last couple years have sometimes felt like one long goodbye to home. Turning to wave to friends and family ...


Old Poetry Illuminates Older Theology

A single story, a single poem, a single song: the individual work of art has the undeniable power of unity, the power to stun by its clarity of vision.

Always Greener
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Architects of the Outdoors

The careful upkeep of Harvard’s landscape has its roots in vibrant horticultural exploration and continued commitment to sustainability.


Alex Berman ’10

Berman isn’t just writing his thesis—he’s also storyboarding, directing, and editing it.


HRG&SP's 'The Pirates of Penzance' Proves Arrrrr-esting

What makes a pirate? Is it the cutlass, the distinctive tri-corner hat, or the swashbuckling disdain for authority? The pirates ...

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Patrick Park Aims to Please

“I have played colleges before,” Patrick Park says. “But I’ve never gone on before a rapper.”


Ralph Ellison’s Unfinished Manuscript

“We Americans are great forgetters.” So declares reporter Welborn McIntyre in one of the oldest fragments of Ralph Ellison’s unfinished second novel, “Three Days Before the Shooting....”