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I Got Soul, But I'm Not A Cycler

Displayed in bright, fluorescent tubes, these words greet me, as they’ve greeted every other person—most of them dressed in spandex—who’s ever walked through the doors of this sanctuary. Except we’re not in a sanctuary. We’re at SoulCycle.


10Q: Christian T. Rudder ’97 OkCupid Co-Founder

Christian T. Rudder ’97 is not a statistician by trade, but the 39-year-old founder of OkCupid just so happens to be a pioneer in a certain branch of data analytics—the data behind love and romance.

Inside Uber

A Short Ride With the Uber Frau

Coppola is a self-described Uber fanatic.

Housing Day

Advice to Josh: Blocking

Our ever-curious and anonymous freshman has Housing Day on his mind. Below, three of FM’s experts answer Josh’s questions about blocking group drama, floating, and avoiding the Quad.

A Toast to Freshman Formal

[Unsolicited] Advice to Josh: Freshman Formal

Although Josh stopped coming to us for advice after the last “Advice to Josh” column, we decided to give our freshman friend some tips for how to survive Freshman Formal. Here are some of the questions we (rightly) assumed he would be asking. You’re welcome, Josh!

Fifteen Most Interesting

George O. Pocheptsov

From far away, the picture may appear like any other painting: colorful, bright, and, like all other images, flat. But stepping closer, strange things begin to happen.


Advice to Josh

As the wise and respected social leader on campus, FM was inevitably going to be asked how to be “cool” one of these days. Recently, a first year we’ll call “Josh” (because his real name is Josh) came to us asking how to survive the brutal social life of a male Freshman on campus. Four of FM’s best weighed in to turn Josh’s social woes into social woooooahs.


Why You Should Never Stay in Shanghai's Red Light District

I’m not sure when it first hit me, but it was around the time I discovered someone’s shit lying in the hallway outside my room: Shanghai’s a mess.

Blake Brasher: Angel Statue

Let me Entertain You

Harvard Square has an uncanny ability to attract entertainers of different backgrounds. Unlike Boston’s Faneuil Hall, which admits performers on an audition-only basis and makes them schedule their performance times far in advance, Harvard Square does not discriminate: Performers who have never been in front of an audience before and those who have spent their entire careers in entertainment have equal access to its streets.


N. Gregory Mankiw Wins World’s Strongest Man Competition

N. Gregory Mankiw, a Harvard professor most known for teaching Economics 10 and almost helping Mitt Romney win the 2012 Presidential Election, has one more achievement to add to his resume: being the world’s strongest man.


Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to Perform at Yardfest

“The kids are in for a real treat,” he promised The Crimson. He winked, adding, “Just don’t blame me if we get in a little trouble.”

Scrutiny: Nowinski

Concussed: Down and Out

Chris J. Nowinski ’00 was never supposed to be on the sidelines. As a Crimson linebacker and later a WWE wrestler, Nowinski threw mind and body into his opponents to send them to the ground. Now, 10 years later, his life is dedicated to protecting players from the sports he loved.

Department of Athletics

FM Satire: Mock Trial Victory Allows Nation to Realize Harvard is Good at More Than Just Basketball

In a shocking upset over number one seed Yale, Harvard proved its worth at something besides basketball at the 2013 National Collegiate Mock Trial Tournament last week.

Eddie Izzard
On Campus

10 Questions with Eddie Izzard

On February 20. British comedian and self identified executive transvestite Eddie Izzard spoke at Harvard’s Memorial Church to accept the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism presented by The HSS Cultural Humanism committee at Harvard. Dressed in his signature drag as he sits with me after the event, Izzard sips a glass of wine and cracks open pistachios with long fingernails painted a bright shade of red. A couple of designs on his nails stand out.


Can Harvard Women Have It All?

In 2013, the national debate regarding the equality of women in the workplace still rages.

Black Lives Matter Protester

Demonstrators Continue 'Black Lives Matter' Campaign in Central Square March

Harvard Stadium

Boston Olympic Bid Names Harvard Venues as Hosts for 10 Events

Conflict at the Scene

Med School Professor Dies After Brigham Shooting

"Shut It Down"

The Top 10 Stories of 2014