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Alan Vanity Portrait

Lives of the Nouveau Riche

Alan R. Xie relates a gripping tale of love lost and found in the Lost and Found of a Goodwill. Mom's spaghetti.

Horrible Bosses 2

'Horrible Bosses' Returns

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis talk about their new film "Horrible Bosses 2."


'Penguins' Charming and Familiar

"Penguins of Madagascar" continues the adventures of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private from the "Madagascar" animated film trilogy. New characters voiced by John Malkovich and Benedict Cumberbatch join the penguins in a high-stakes storyline that has the fate of all penguins hanging in the balance.


'Interstellar' Reimagines, Expands Frontiers

Despite minor narrative shortcomings, “Interstellar” succeeds on a grand visual and thematic level, as director Christopher Nolan's reimagining of the frontier adventure amidst a galactic backdrop of existential obsession.


Fall TV Preview

Catch this fall's hottest television premieres, from new episodes of "Bob's Burgers" to the finale of "Parks and Recreation" after seven years.

Under the Skin

"Under the Skin" with Director Jonathan Glazer

Directed by Jonathan Glazer and starring Scarlett Johansson, "Under the Skin" follows an alien in the body of an attractive woman as she travels throughout Scotland seducing men and abducting them to harvest their organs.

black keys promo

Hear Me Out: The Black Keys, "Fever"

Until the release of “Turn Blue,” it’s up in the air whether The Black Keys will be able to replicate their previous success or leave fans yearning for the days of “The Big Come Up.”


"Sabotage" Lacks Intrigue

Directed and co-written by David Ayer, "Sabotage" stumbles throughout due to the predictable nature of its plot and lack of substantial character development.


At Harvard, a "Suits" Homecoming

On Feb. 27, the cast of "Suits" visited Harvard's campus to meet with fans and hold an advance screening of the show's mid-season premiere.


Top 4 Quotes from "Bob's Burgers"

Incoming Film Editor Alan R. Xie runs down the 4 best quotes from the best television show of the year.

Visual Arts

Art Therapy

The arts have collectively provided Harvard students with an outlet for creative self-expression, allowing them to explore issues of mental health in safe spaces and with freedom of expression. One campus artist who has utilized art to generate discussion about mental health, Bex H. Kwan ’14, sees the two as inseparable: “What is art not on mental health issues?”


Breaking Bad: The Devil's in the Details

Breaking Bad is one of the most critically and commercially successful shows on cable television, but its success is not what makes the show unique amidst competing shows such as "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men." What distinguishes Vince Gilligan's near-finished work from its rivals is its deep commitment to detail and foreshadowing.

Visual Arts

"Insidious" A New Chapter in Horror

The focus on tight writing and visual artistry in "Insidious Chapter 2" is such that when the film does appear to stumble, it seems almost intentional.


DAPA's National Alcohol Screening Day Moved to May 7

Whatever happened to those DAPA Camelbaks everybody's been clamoring over since the fall? If you're a freshman who put off buying a water bottle all year or if you're a senior who's had their priorities wrong for the past three years, you may have despaired that you were out of luck when this year's annual National Alcohol Screening Day was canceled.

Student Groups

Student Finalists To Face Off in Entrepreneurship Contest

Eight teams of finalists for the New Venture Competition will face off Tuesday for the final round of the student track of the Harvard Business School entrepreneurship contest.

Eldo Kim

News Analysis: Could Eldo Kim Return to Harvard?

Protestors on Mass Ave

Seen and Heard: Harvard's March Through Cambridge

Track and Cross Country

Decorated Thrower Looks To Continue Success


Reconstruction 3.0