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HGSU Petition
Harvard Law School

GSAS Students Seek to Publicize Immigration Resources

Temporary Protected Status protections for Sudanese immigrants are set to expire on Nov. 2, and some worry that Trump’s administration could further curtail the program.

Unionization Polarization

Yale, Chicago NLRB Appeals Could Threaten Unionization Precedent

Yale and the University of Chicago each filed motions this year urging the NLRB to overrule a August 2016 decision that graduate students at Columbia may unionize.

Unionization Vote

Online Petition Garners Support for Student Union Effort

A petition urging Harvard to drop its appeal to the federal National Labor Relations Board is accumulating support and now has more than 100 supporters.

Copley Protest
Drew Faust

Harvard Amicus Brief Moot After New Travel Ban

Harvard filed an amicus brief last week opposing President Donald Trump’s immigration order, a legal move quickly made moot after Trump issued a new executive order.


Over 15,000 Sign Petition Condemning Manning Decision

“Harvard's motto is ‘veritas,’ commitment to the truth," said one alumnus challenging the University's decision to retract its fellowship offer to Chelsea Manning.

HUDS Strike Continues

Citing Harvard, Northeastern Dining Workers Brace for Strike

As organizing at Northeastern has progressed, the union's success at Harvard has served as an inspiration.

Economics 10 textbook

After Criticism, Mankiw to Donate Textbook Royalties to Charity

In the Economics 10 syllabus, Mankiw wrote that he would now “donate to charity all royalties earned from Ec 10 students’ purchase of these materials.”

Amanda S. C. Gorman '20, a PAF

Harvard Sophomore Chosen as First Youth Poet Laureate

A sophomore in Leverett House and Los Angeles, Calif. native, Amanda Gorman ’20 was named the nation’s premier young poet in April.

Cambridge City Hall
Cambridge City Council

Dems, Union Endorse City Council Candidates

The College Democrats voted to endorse just one candidate: incumbent Jan Devereux. Local 26 chose to endorse six candidates, including three incumbents.

Pumpkin Float at Boston Common's Frog Pond

GSAS To Subsidize Some Childcare for Grad Students

GSAS announced a new program that provides Ph.D. students free membership to, which normally costs $140 per year, as well as 10 days of childcare per year.

The Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Federal Building

Labor Experts Foresee Long, Difficult Path to Student Unionization

Harvard’s student unionization effort could come to an end at the hands of Republican appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, one of a number of ways experts say the years-long movement could stall.

Health Benefits

HUHS Switch Means Higher Healthcare Costs For Some

​Blue Cross Blue Shield now covers drug costs for students enrolled in Harvard’s health care plan, a change that will be more expensive for some students.

Unionization Vote

Harvard Appeals Unionization Vote Ruling to National NLRB

Harvard has appealed a National Labor Relations Board decision to invalidate a student unionization election held last fall, the latest step in a process that has lasted months.

Unionization Vote

NLRB Official Rules to Invalidate Unionization Election

The ruling is the latest development in the drawn-out legal saga between the University and the union organizers since the initial election in November 2016.

GSAS Union Buttons

A Hard Bargain

The path to a graduate student union has been anything but straightforward.