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Bacow 7 hugging Drew Faust
Front Middle Feature

With Presidential Transition Underway, Bacow Learning the Ropes

“President-elect Bacow is living in a different state at the moment and coming in for bits and pieces of time and trying to use those bits of time efficiently,” Faust said.

Bacow 5
Central Administration

Bacow Steps Down From Corporate Boards

Lawrence S. Bacow will step down from all of his board memberships to focus on his responsibilities as University president.

Drew Faust at IOP
Higher Education

At Philly High School, Faust Urges Students to Pursue Higher Ed

University President Drew G. Faust traveled to Philadelphia over spring break to speak at Philadelphia High School for Girls about the importance of higher education.

Faust at 2021 Convocation
Central Administration

Faust Meets with Lawmakers in Washington about Higher Ed Act, Immigration

Faust traveled to D.C. last week to meet with Democratic lawmakers about the “deep concerns” she has about reauthorization of the Higher Ed Act and immigration laws.

Faust at the Economic Club
Central Administration

Faust Condemns Congressional Legislation that Could Affect Sanctions

Final club alumni have been lobbying Congress to re-work the language of the legislation so it would prevent Harvard from implementing its sanctions.

Loeb House
Harvard Corporation

Corporation To Fill Open Seat After Bacow Assumes Presidency

​The Harvard Corporation—the University’s highest governing body—will soon have an open seat on their 13-member board.

Student Life

The March 5 DACA Deadline, Explained

The March 5 deadline has served as a call to Congress to pass protections for undocumented individuals in the United States—but it is now essentially irrelevant. If you're wondering what that means, read this.

President Search Feature

A Familiar Face, A Diverse Portfolio

Bacow, according to many of his colleagues at Tufts and MIT, is no stranger to challenges of diversity and inclusion—and his past actions might hint at how he will tackle these issues from Massachusetts Hall.

Faust at 2021 Convocation

Faust Continues Advocacy on Immigration, Higher Ed Act

​Amid turmoil in Washington over immigration reform, Harvard administrators are pushing for legislation securing legal protections for undocumented students and staff.

Central Administration

The Bacow Era Begins

Lawrence S. Bacow will become the 29th president of the country’s oldest University at a time when higher education is under siege.

A Woman At The Top
Central Administration

The Woman President

“I wanted to be the president of Harvard, but I recognized that there was this kind of parallel track where I was being the woman president of Harvard in a way that mattered," University President Drew G. Faust said.

Faust at the Economic Club
Drew Faust

University Aims to be Fossil Fuel-Free by 2050

Faust wrote that the “ambitious climate goals” set by the University come in response to the risks of climate change on the health of humanity and the planet.

Faust at 2021 Convocation
Drew Faust

Faust Raises Concerns About Higher Ed Act’s Changes to Student Aid

As Congress moves to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, University President Drew G. Faust raised concerns about the bill’s impact on federal financial aid at a Faculty meeting Tuesday evening.

Faust at Baccalaureate
Drew Faust

Faust Pens Letter Urging Congress to Protect TPS Holders

University President Drew G. Faust sent a letter to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle Friday, urging them to pass legislation protecting immigrants now vulnerable after the Trump administration’s termination of Temporary Protected Status.

The Harvard Head Start
Drew Faust

The Harvard Head Start

Experts and Harvard affiliates say presidential candidates internal to the University may have an edge over those hailing from outside its gates.