FM Imagines: Advising Meetings

Advising Meeting for Economics
By Kathryn C. Reed

Advising Meeting for Economics

Advisor: (Inquiry about classes.)

Advisee: (Lists classes.)

Advisor: (Difficulty of course load?)

Advisee: (Joke about wanting high GPA.)

Advisor: (Goals for semester?)

Advisee: (Joke about partying.)

Advisor: (Haha.)

Advisee: (This class or that class for concentration credit?)

Advisor: (High GPA or intellectual challenge?)

Advisee: (High GPA.)

Advisor: (Comment about football practice.)

Advisee: (Heading there now.)

Advising Meeting for History and Literature

Advisor: (Greeting!)

Advisee: (Greeting!)

Advisor: (General questions about semester.)

Advisee: (Answers.)

Advisor: (Questions about exciting project.)

Advisee: (Tells about current project.)

Advisor: (Inquiry about current professor.)

Advisee: (Love current professor.)

Advisor: (Suggestions for future classes.)

Advisee: (Asks about class mentioned.)

Advisor: (Goes into further detail. Thesis?)

Advisee: (Thesis.)

Advisor: (Focus within History and Literature?)

Advisee: (Focus within History and Literature.)

Advisor: (Joke about having it all planned out.)

Advisee: (Haha.)

Advisor: (Date of next meeting?)

Advisee: (Date of next meeting.)

Advisor: (Bye!)

Advisee: (Bye!)

Both smile.

Advising Meeting for Economics, Part II

Advisee: (Waves. Smiles to advisor as they pass on the street.)

Advisor: (Waves. Attempts to remember how they know each other.)

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